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06/2024 RESTRICTION — ixion
electronic ambient metal electronica synthwave doom metal
05/2024 Only Forward — precog records
electronic electronica electro breakbeat sci-fi robots
05/2024 Codes & Symbols — alex gordiy grid user
electronic techno electro breakbeat dance music future
04/2024 EROBOTICA — turist
electronic ambient jazz soul r&b electronic music
04/2024 My Heart Is Red track — runner
electronic ambient lo-fi electro synthwave electronic music
04/2024 Robotitlan — a3b1
experimental alternative electroacustic robots NYP
03/2024 Gravity - EP — t. mancuso
pop synthpop new wave 80s retrowave sci-fi
03/2024 Created To Love track — spacetime
electronic indie pop female vocals robots
03/2024 Whispers In The Circuitry — juxtapo
electronic experimental ambient electro chill atmospheric
03/2024 G̺͆ B̺͆ A̺͆ W̺͆ A̺͆ V̺͆ E̺͆ — ian stocker appreciation lounge
electronic downtempo video game music lounge sample-based vgm [CC BY-SA] NYP
03/2024 Remnants of War ★★★★★ — tineidae sole massif
ambient drone dark ambient idm atmospheric glitch similar
02/2024 Cymetrodons Vs. Abhoragon — g.b. marian
electronic pagan science fiction aliens witchcraft animals
02/2024 DEATH LOOP track — 4triks
electronic techno electro minimal breakbeat old school
01/2024 QUATTRO FORMAGGIO short — boy raty
experimental hip hop sleep whatever robots [CC BY-SA] NYP
01/2024 Programmed memory — latarnik
electronic ambient electronic music synthesizer robots
01/2024 The Flattened Earth (Or Last Dam Jams) — yitt
experimental ambient pop space rock aliens robots
12/2023 The Search short — nick_jones
soundtrack score robots ballet [CC BY-SA] NYP
11/2023 Musica Automata ★★ — leonardo barbadoro
experimental avant-garde neoclassical modern classical contemporary classical art similar
11/2023 Un mundo como estos — ián abel
pop organic pop folk spanish robots
10/2023 Exebot soundtrack - Anno domini track — exebot soundtrack
electronic alternative satan robots
09/2023 Damaged Hallucinations Live ☆ — rudi fischerlehner isambard khroustaliov
electronic experimental improvisation abstract modular synth live electronics similar
09/2023 hiiiii!!!!!! track — teddy bear orchestra
rock punk music sad happy sadcore
08/2023 You are not track — nick young
electronic pop melodic robots
07/2023 PAST PREDICTIONS — dephzac
electronic funk drum & bass electronic music breakbeat cinematic
07/2023 GRAMS track — moritz simon geist
electronic techno robots
06/2023 The Machine Who Loved Me track — ak rockefeller
electronic experimental funk dance trap edm [CC BY-SA]
06/2023 iKeines track — mas martin paco sánchez-martín
electronic experimental ambient synthwave cinematic progressive house
06/2023 State of the Art ☆ — synthetix
electronic electronica electro bass breakbeat breaks similar
04/2023 GET HYPER track ☆ — nanobots
electronic experimental punk new wave electropop space rock similar
03/2023 Bitrot — synthetix
electronic electronica electro breakbeat breaks synths NYP
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