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09/2023 Feel Like That (RCC-014) — oscar roads
experimental ambient vaporwave plunderphonics future funk nuwrld
09/2023 P e r f e c t D a w n — lunar data garden
electronic experimental ambient vaporwave plunderphonics dreampunk
09/2023 Eternal Grind link #2 — devil's gateway
rock metal death metal vaporwave grindcore doom metal
09/2023 FLASHBACK 2012 — kawsaki
electronic ambient vaporwave disco retrowave future funk
09/2023 THE COLOR ALBUM, VOL. 2: ETHEREAL HUES ☆ — raxtion records
electronic alternative idm vaporwave ambient electronic lofi hiphop
09/2023 Terminal — silver06
electronic synthwave vaporwave vaportrap NYP
09/2023 Aquarium III — mom and dad's computer
electronic ambient vaporwave signalwave vaporambient NYP
09/2023 THE END IS NEVER THE END — hot air balloons
electronic experimental ambient electronica idm vaporwave
09/2023 INFINITE SEX GOD link #2 ★★★☆ — global chill
electronic vaporwave chill chillwave barber beats NYP similar
09/2023 Mysteryous Affair — lost traveler ロスト
experimental vaporwave late night lofi vaporfunk classic vaporwave NYP
09/2023 忘れられた過去 — オーラ・カルナリス
electronic experimental dark ambient vaporwave sound collage signalwave NYP
09/2023 requiem — midnight première
soundtrack vaporwave plunderphonics late night lofi vaporfunk barber beats NYP
09/2023 WeatherScope — 拡張forecast
electronic experimental vaporwave signalwave broken transmission polish NYP
09/2023 Deios II // Deidia — barchboi
electronic vaporwave chiptune ost demoscene NYP
09/2023 6AM Uber (Wish I Could) short — barkley bandon jon phonics
electronic hip hop hip-hop/rap house instrumental vaporwave
09/2023 Bruh — rhinestone roundup
experimental vaporwave post-vaporwave signalwave utopian virtual NYP
09/2023 LEVIATHAN — oscar oswald
electronic lo-fi beats vaporwave chillwave barber beats
09/2023 9-27-23 Never Forget — svpercvts
electronic ambient vaporwave breakcore lounge barber beats NYP
09/2023 Insomnia ☆ — lost colossus
ambient lo-fi vaporwave slushwave dreampunk barber beats NYP
09/2023 十​八​个​时​光 ★彡 十​个​回​忆 short — 十八十
electronic ambient vaporwave plunderphonics [CC BY]
09/2023 The Living City — ronzakbad
electronic ambient vaporwave chiptune breakcore tribal
09/2023 서로의 언어를 즐겁게 배우자! short — 번역왕자
vaporwave spoken word study korea NYP
09/2023 End of the Line — larper of λosordo
ambient vaporwave slushwave signalwave broken transmission NYP
09/2023 SLAYER — esotericism
electronic experimental downtempo vaporwave trip hop plunderphonics NYP
09/2023 House — channel21
electronic experimental electronica vaporwave eccojams signalwave [CC BY-NC] NYP
09/2023 Aurora — ac '83
electronic synthwave vaporwave chillwave retrowave outrun
09/2023 moving on is easier at night — high plains isolate
experimental ambient lo-fi drone vaporwave plunderphonics [CC BY-SA]
09/2023 NONE OF THIS IS REAL BOOTLEG BOOSTER PACK: Early Medieval Meccan QR Code short — dj banana peel
electronic hip hop hip-hop/rap vaporwave plunderphonics chopped & screwed [CC BY] NYP
09/2023 DRIVER EP — 【lost anima】
electronic funk vaporwave future funk future NYP
09/2023 Trancefer link #2 link #3 ★★★★☆ — paradise of yesterday
electronic experimental ambient electro downtempo synthwave NYP similar
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