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09/2023 Swans, Oracles & Holograms [///EP007]tomo
electronic experimental techno synthwave trance hard trance
09/2023 The Neon Shredder dimi kaye
electronic rock metal synthwave 80s retrowave similar
09/2023 MALIGNANT short — death cheat
electronic downtempo dubstep synthwave edm darkwave
09/2023 Stranger Things short — heartbeathero
electronic synthwave darkwave bass music 80s retro
09/2023 Ethereal short — scientific mind
electronic techno house instrumental electronica electro NYP
09/2023 Auroraac '83
electronic synthwave vaporwave chillwave retrowave outrun
09/2023 IF YOU STOP FIGHTING YOU WILL DIE (EP)invisible kidsbad
alternative metal trap synthwave hard techno alternative metal
09/2023 Hot Smutmike venum
rock alternative industrial synthwave hard rock grunge rock
09/2023 Trancefer link #2 link #3 ★★★★☆paradise of yesterday
electronic experimental ambient electro downtempo synthwave NYP similar
09/2023 Mortal Kombat track — antarsys
electronic synthwave remix retrowave cyberpunk cover [CC BY]
09/2023 Fragrance of Dreamsalivx
electronic ambient synthwave dreamy dreamwave nostalgia
09/2023 Pod Cronkrycbad
electronic rock ambient techno house industrial
09/2023 Dominom - Believer [Preview] short — baccambàrusbad
rock hip hop metal dance synthwave
09/2023 Terminal Reset - Mira [Preview] short — baccambàrusbad
rock hip hop metal dance synthwave
09/2023 Egotripjesseventilateur
electronic techno house lo-fi synthwave tech house
09/2023 After Hours Drum Loops short — telmar beats
electronic synthpop synthwave r&b new wave loops
09/2023 Fremderwordsshiftmindsbad
electronic ambient instrumental electronica downtempo synthwave
09/2023 EmBrAcE ThE MaChInEvoo doo love kult
electronic techno electro synthpop synthwave coldwave
09/2023 Be Fine track — project skylate
electronic lo-fi synthwave chillout dream pop glitch [CC BY-SA] NYP
09/2023 Clusterperfpratpr
electronic techno drum & bass synthwave jungle orchestral
09/2023 Geisenheimder gang_350
punk post-punk synthwave darkwave electropunk
09/2023 Retrofuturism [SOVEL313]muntax
electronic house synthwave chill synth disco
09/2023 Disorderly Croed [SOV373]siguiente tecnologiabad
electronic techno house synthwave chill disco
09/2023 Behind the Wall [SOVEL312]ae - 05.20
electronic house synthwave chill synth disco
09/2023 Pankratov vol.1 [SOVLO388]danila pankratov
electronic house deep house synthwave minimal tech house
09/2023 I am Eleven [SOVLO386]nightdrivebad
electronic techno house electronica deep house idm
09/2023 NO ME DIGAS QUE HACERmadhouse
techno synthwave disco new wave nu disco dark disco
09/2023 Underwater Kitesmodern art
electronic indie rock post-punk synthwave minimal darkwave
09/2023 Eliostigander severandre
electronic techno electronica synthwave minimal house ambient techno
09/2023 Flip Field Vol. 10 | Black Holeflip field
electronic ambient hip hop synthwave bass music electropop
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