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03/2024 Rhapsody in Patching (continuously added tracks)zext
experimental ambient drone experimental electronic electroacoustic modular synth
03/2024 Closer Than They Appear (Remixes)ollie cox
experimental ambient electroacoustic
03/2024 Pilgrimage to Ganriki link #2 ★★☆empusae
electronic experimental ambient electronica soundtrack industrial similar
03/2024 ANHINGA // Sonderfermata ark
experimental ambient noise lo-fi black metal experimental electronic
03/2024 Choices & Chancescarl baugherbad
experimental electroacoustic improvised
03/2024 Casa 49/Birds &
experimental ambient improvisation bass guitar diy NYP
03/2024 дорога между намиvokeebokæybgo lochtyblchvvaii
experimental noise drone dark ambient post-rock shoegaze
03/2024 Strange Timesstephen ruppenthal gary r. weisberg
electronic experimental electronic music electroacoustic
03/2024 The brand
experimental noise avant-garde guitar electroacoustic drums
03/2024 écho de terrestéphane clor
experimental noise avant-garde improvisation electroacoustic
03/2024 MASS (Extended + Remastered) ★★★☆sarah belle reid
experimental experimental electronic electroacoustic free jazz similar
02/2024 Other Wordsabbé brémond ensemble
alternative ambient experimental electronic avant-garde electroacoustic sound art NYP
electronic experimental noise soundtrack experimental electronic electroacoustic
02/2024 tripolar exercises link #2margolis i fiebig i emerge
experimental ambient noise lo-fi drone electroacoustic [CC BY]
02/2024 Wood short — dawoud kringle the renegade sufi the xylems
experimental acoustic electroacoustic improvised easy listening
02/2024 Tripolar Exercisesal margolis/gerald fiebig/emerge
electroacoustic abstract musique concrète collaboration
02/2024 "in C" by Terry Riley: performed by Istvan Peter B'Raczistvan peter b'racz
experimental ambient electronic music ambient electronic electroacoustic modern classical NYP
02/2024 The Berlin Session link #2the cryptbad
electronic rock alternative noise jazz experimental electronic
02/2024 Hell_as Coredimitris tsironis
experimental drone experimental electronic ambient electronic electroacoustic field recordings NYP
02/2024 Osamenta link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5hipertelia
electronic experimental ambient punk noise jazz NYP
02/2024 Shelterlimanenko
experimental noise industrial post-rock psychedelic rock electroacoustic
02/2024 Drunken Forestcolin cheney
electronic ambient folk avant-garde ambient electronic electroacoustic
02/2024 Here In, Absence ★★★the humble bee offthesky
electronic experimental ambient avant-garde electroacoustic
02/2024 Controlled Oppositionjerry lim chuck bettis
experimental noise psychedelic avant-garde electronic music electroacoustic
02/2024 Pray For Love short — lenny church
acoustic singer-songwriter folk rock electroacoustic roots bluegrass
02/2024 Fourth-fulharris mcsheffery
experimental ambient avant-garde electroacoustic eclectic
02/2024 Farewelljey c. meyerbad
experimental instrumental acoustic electroacoustic free improvisation guitar solo
02/2024 Inner Garden (Deluxe Edition)floral dollbad
experimental post-rock avant-garde psychedelic rock electroacoustic free improvisation NYP
02/2024 Histoires de soldatsjohn young
experimental electroacoustic musique concrète
02/2024 Espaces lointainsjohn young
experimental electroacoustic musique concrète
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