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09/2023 Portraitspast palms
electronic experimental ambient lo-fi downtempo bass
09/2023 Trudgeteo salfinger
ambient classical piano cinematic orchestral neoclassical [CC BY-SA]
09/2023 Electronicanalogicadecir en duda
electronic piano strings
09/2023 Dreams of You track — fiona rea
jazz acoustic singer-songwriter strings love song
09/2023 Si800Msibad
punk techno folk synth strings popindie NYP
09/2023 Mélancolie: Gothic Themed String Musicaligned melodies
soundtrack classical gothic video game music cello original music [CC BY-ND]
09/2023 Something's About to Happen roberto mares
electronic experimental alternative soundtrack strings voice similar
09/2023 The Lakejav grojasbad
ambient classical new age neoclassical strings [CC BY-ND] NYP
09/2023 [GR120] short — m4xw311
electronic dubstep garage bass dark grime
09/2023 Place of Tau short — jazzariabad
experimental jazz improvisation orchestral fusion strings [CC BY-ND] NYP
09/2023 Home (ft Wisteria) short pretty patterns
soundtrack piano emotional strings soft soothing
09/2023 Searching For Myself track — fernando perdomo
pop acoustic soundtrack music strings similar
09/2023 La Valse Supérieure track — soulway beatsbad
experimental metal video game music strings orchestra choir [CC BY-ND]
09/2023 Eclectricity track — marcos martí
electronic ambient experimental electronic electronic music strings electric
09/2023 TRÍO! short — felipe peñabad
hip hop jazz beats improvisation poetry strings
09/2023 Let's Relaxbrother seamus byrne with gabrielle kirby
piano synth spoken word meditation devotional relaxation
09/2023 Beneathjudge schreber's avian choir
experimental improvisation strings [CC BY-SA] NYP
09/2023 Often Used short — jazzariabad
experimental rock jazz improvisation piano synth [CC BY-ND] NYP
09/2023 "Mirror" Variations. Episode II:Stringsjav grojasbad
ambient classical new age neoclassical strings [CC BY-SA] NYP
09/2023 Aura : The Acoustic Guitar Collectionfernando perdomo
pop acoustic soundtrack music strings fingerstyle guitar
09/2023 Promise of a Better Land short — david flanagan
folk jazz acoustic improvisation free jazz celtic
09/2023 KEYS FOR TRANSFORMATION link #2danny carroll
classical piano neoclassical strings classical crossover calming
09/2023 Queendom track — prax zxari
alternative indie folk rap singer-songwriter world music
09/2023 Open Your Eyes track — the unlimited stars
rock alternative rock shoegaze strings poetic
08/2023 Rock Instrumental vol3 JZaharVips
rock indie instrumental guitar pop rock strings [CC BY-NC-SA]
08/2023 Live from Bulgariaelizabeth tsung
instrumental classical piano neoclassical violin strings
08/2023 9 Phantoms Unleashed A Haunting Halloween Soundtrackgeorge robert martin iiibad
pop lo-fi dance trip hop ambient electronic halloween [CC BY]
08/2023 "Queue to Say Goodbye" Original Soundtrackalexander stratonov
electronic ambient soundtrack piano synth orchestral NYP
08/2023 A Poem of Waves track — cleis
world devotional improvised music meditation music violin strings
08/2023 Acoustic Guitar Lyrical Music J short — ForestMusic
folk instrumental acoustic guitar sad strings travel [CC BY-NC-ND]
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