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05/2024 Prosopagnosiames ténèbres
experimental lo-fi dark ambient diy minimalism distortion NYP
05/2024 the first star of the nighttrainstation of thought
ambient indie acoustic post-rock shoegaze field recordings
04/2024 Start short — damaged
experimental ambient dark ambient dreamy sadness gloomy
04/2024 Tanhai short — hitesh roy
rock alternative rock & roll bass music live NYP
04/2024 Le Voyageur, 1mes ténèbres
experimental lo-fi dark ambient diy minimalism sadness NYP
04/2024 Adentro de la Mansiónmansión derceto
electronic electronica melancholic sadness NYP
04/2024 Falling track — beyond melancholy
metal atmospheric black metal depressive black metal dsbm melancholy depression
experimental ambient chillout chill ambient electronic breakcore
04/2024 HOARDING DISORDERmes ténèbres
experimental lo-fi dark ambient diy field recordings sadness NYP
04/2024 broken windows, locks of lovetrainstation of thought
indie acoustic shoegaze minimalism slowcore sadness
04/2024 Vlog and Background Music - Battlefield Elegy track — top flow
ambient pop instrumental funk idm classical [CC BY-SA] NYP
04/2024 Worst Day of my Life track — misery union
punk goth sadness dnd NYP
04/2024 Chantres des morts link #2 ★★malcuidant
metal black metal nature darkness sadness similar
04/2024 Broken melodieslaid-back lofi boy
hip-hop/rap lo-fi beats chillout lofi hiphop beat tape
03/2024 ***** ***** (EP)mes ténèbres
experimental lo-fi drone industrial dark ambient field recordings NYP
03/2024 Derm la fleur plus cream amazon! track — derm la fleur plus cream
classical sadness
03/2024 Walk A Little Farther track — annie bacon & her oshen
rock folk americana folk rock meditation death
03/2024 Numéro track — louka
alternative guitar melancholic solo artist sadness [CC BY-SA] NYP
03/2024 Everything Causes Everything link #2the potatoes
rock pop punk folk psychedelic rock & roll NYP
03/2024 D.D. (version 2024) link #2mes ténèbres
experimental alternative ambient lo-fi drone dark ambient NYP
03/2024 Wufasa Fire short — mufasa mufasa moo
experimental rap dance sad sadcore sadness NYP
03/2024 When your dog makes troubles track — vladimir zaitsev
jazz blues piano swing bebop piano music [CC BY]
03/2024 losingmymind (FEAT. Georgiana Panaitiu) track — $wtchblvde
hip-hop/rap sadcore sadness
03/2024 sins1.ekoda
ambient dark ambient death depression sadness
03/2024 Dor ★☆cuss
rock alternative grunge fuzz loud sadness similar
03/2024 Nothing changes track — umbradinspate
experimental post-punk darkwave melancholic depressive sadness NYP
03/2024 S-21mes ténèbres
experimental lo-fi drone dark ambient diy field recordings NYP
02/2024 demosanaphora
folk indie folk freak folk fingerstyle guitar sadness NYP
02/2024 Bleak Winter Landscapes (Demo) [SINGLE]annika jayne
folk singer-songwriter indie pop chanson sadness memories SUB ONLY
02/2024 RED 2 track — bifff
electronic experimental indie indie rock dream pop sadcore
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