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03/2021 Alfresco ★★★☆spiritual mafia
alternative similar

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08/2018 New Centre Of The Universe, Vol. 3 ★★★☆various artists
rock alternative pop punk psychedelic post-punk rock & roll garage garage rock garage punk similar
10/2022 Phil & The Tiles ★★★★phil & the tiles
punk similar
06/2018 S/T short ★★★the faculty
punk similar
06/2020 A Long Time Alone (2020) ★★★☆various artists
punk hardcore synthwave hardcore punk power pop goth similar
05/2017 SUSS CUNTS link #2 ★★★★suss cunts
alternative punk indie pop similar
08/2023 Piss Shivers ★★★☆piss shivers
punk punk rock similar
05/2020 Moon Rituals link #2 ★★★moon rituals
experimental devotional similar
10/2021 In the Time of the Sabre-toothed Tiger ★★★★☆power supply
rock similar
11/2022 Forever Giving Handshakes + Demos ★★★☆delivery
alternative punk garage diy garage punk similar
06/2018 Smart World short ★★★smarts
alternative similar
03/2019 The Snakes ★★★☆the snakes
alternative similar
09/2019 LVIV ★★☆lviv
rock punk rock dream pop similar
03/2019 Buffet Of Love 12"EP ★★★☆alien nosejob
punk synth disco hardcore punk garage punk midi NYP similar
04/2022 Endless Fascination ★★the blinds
rock punk post-punk similar
11/2019 P.P. Is... Peeping Piebald Past The Night! ★★★☆p.p. rebel
alternative similar
04/2014 The Shabbab ★☆the shabbab
rock punk garage psych band middle eastern similar
04/2019 ...Present The World In Handcuffs ★★★★☆ausmuteants
punk similar
08/2016 SNACK ★★☆pappy
punk fun similar
04/2024 Collecting to Collect link #2 teen line
rock alternative power pop similar
rock punk hardcore rock & roll garage NYP similar
01/2011 bored! at ric's track mad macka
punk similar
07/2020 Here's To Fun ★★★the faculty
punk rock & roll similar
04/2019 ON TOP! link #2 link #3 ★★★★straight arrows
rock punk lo-fi indie rock psychedelic rock & roll similar
04/2016 Shit Love 7" short ★★★whipper
rock punk power pop similar
11/2013 Amusements ★★★★ausmuteants
punk similar
05/2022 Modal Melodies ★★★☆modal melodies
pop similar
07/2021 LIVE AT PRACTICEnightclub
rock punk jazz blues rock & roll NYP similar
10/2020 Live at The Tote ★★★★scott & charlene's wedding
jangle slacker pub rock similar
10/2022 Simulation link #2 ★★★☆future suck
rock alternative punk hardcore post-punk punk rock similar
08/2022 Care ★★★★★clamm
punk punk rock garage garage rock heavy heavy rock similar