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11/2021 vivid night ★★★★☆rina pavar
electronic synthwave electronic music darkwave coldwave female vocals similar

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06/2021 All That Is True ★★★★☆hallows
electronic post-punk post-rock shoegaze darkwave atmospheric similar
12/2020 ZEITGEIST VOL. 15 ★★★★a cold transmission compilation various artists
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave goth gothic similar
12/2020 ZEITGEIST VOL. 14 ★★★★☆a cold transmission compilation various artists
electronic alternative synthpop synthwave minimal darkwave similar
10/2020 W117 - El Ojo Y La Navaja "Esquizia" ★☆wave records
alternative post-punk minimal darkwave ebm coldwave similar
01/2020 UHS_2 short ★★★☆un hombre solo
electronic industrial post-punk minimal diy darkwave similar
06/2020 null ★★★☆dancing plague
electronic pop techno dance synth disco similar
10/2020 Toxic Behaviours link #2 ★★★★★shad shadows
electronic alternative psychedelic post-punk synthwave electronic music similar
03/2019 PSYCHODRAMA (COLD TRANSMISSION EDITION) ★★★☆elz and the cult
electronic pop industrial post-punk synthpop darkwave similar
06/2020 ZEITGEIST VOL. 13 ★★★★☆a cold transmission compilation various artists
electronic alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave new wave similar
05/2022 things we hide ★★★★rina pavar
electronic synthwave darkwave coldwave wave dark electronic similar
09/2022 ICR087 - SYDNEY VALETTE "Home Alone" icy cold records
alternative indie rock post-punk darkwave coldwave goth rock similar
11/2018 New Kind Of Cross link #2 link #3 ★★★★★buzz kull
electronic alternative techno industrial electro post-punk similar
11/2023 Assault ★★★☆shad shadows
alternative electro synthwave electronic music darkwave new wave similar
12/2021 ZEITGEIST CHROME VOL. 01 ★★★☆cold transmission music
electronic electro synthwave darkwave ebm coldwave similar
07/2021 Bleak Moments ★★★☆dancing plague
electronic pop synth similar
07/2019 a la lone mortal boy
alternative post-punk dream pop darkwave new wave coldwave similar
06/2019 Technical Support ★★★supernova 1006
alternative noise indie rock synthwave noise pop synthpunk similar
04/2022 Prismatic link #2 ★★★★☆shad shadows
alternative electro post-punk synthwave electronic music darkwave similar
11/2022 Gothic File 22-3 / Young and Cold Sampler Vol. 7 various
techno darkwave gothic coldwave similar
05/2020 No Fear /back catalog/ ★★★★non-human persons
electronic synthpop synthwave darkwave minimal synth minimal wave similar
03/2021 Black Synthetic and Dense ★★★☆cirque d'ess
electronic electro darkwave coldwave darksynth blackgaze similar
03/2024 Elogium link #2 ★★★★dancing plague
electronic alternative industrial electro synthpop synthwave similar
07/2022 Vile Vortex ★★★☆noromakina
electronic post-punk synthwave darkwave retrowave coldwave similar
03/2021 Fear ★★★☆ash code
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave gothic rock deathrock similar
11/2020 Secular Psalms ★★★★★abu nein
electronic post-punk synth darkwave ebm goth similar
09/2020 DREAMS OF A DARK BUILDING link #2 ★★★★☆profit prison
electronic alternative industrial dark ambient electro post-punk similar
03/2020 Kalte Nacht - S/T ★★★★★kalte nacht
electronic post-punk new wave coldwave minimal synth minimal wave similar
01/2020 Hardship ★★★☆dilk
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave similar
11/2022 ZEITGEIST+ ★★★★cold transmission music
electronic post-punk synthpop synthwave darkwave coldwave similar
09/2022 Home Alone LP6 ★★★★sydney valette
electronic synthpop darkwave rave similar