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11/2022 Isolation ★★heimberg
alternative post-punk darkwave NYP similar

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04/2022 Last time i walked down your street short ★☆drklv
punk post-punk darkwave coldwave similar
07/2022 Wasted track drklv
punk post-punk darkwave coldwave similar
04/2023 Disaster (EP) ★★livinroom
alternative indie post-punk minimal darkwave new wave similar
04/2018 A Mental Low track joy must remain
alternative indie rock cinematic mood music music for film similar
02/2021 Airport Oxygen Bar ★☆reconverb
alternative instrumental dark ambient coldwave similar
07/2023 Ashes track ★★corbeau hangs
electronic alternative post-punk synthpop darkwave new wave similar
03/2023 Endless Lies track ★★☆heimberg
alternative post-punk darkwave similar
05/2021 She's Closer track ★☆flor concreta
alternative punk post-punk darkwave 80s gothic similar
08/2023 Issues ★☆i woke up chinese
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave new wave goth similar
11/2022 Let me down tonight track drklv
punk post-punk darkwave coldwave similar
03/2022 Crimes track ★★★sad madona
electronic post-punk shoegaze darkwave coldwave NYP similar
02/2023 Give Me The Poison track ★★claustraphobia
alternative post-punk darkwave goth coldwave similar
01/2023 No Place We Can Hide short das noir
experimental alternative post-punk minimal darkwave goth similar
09/2022 We Fell In Love Under A Supernova track ★☆mortal boy
alternative post-punk dream pop darkwave new wave coldwave similar
01/2021 Taste Like Sun EP cat fiction
rock alternative indie indie rock post-punk darkwave similar
05/2021 Buried Right Beside Me track ★☆skltn chr
pop post-punk synthwave darkwave coldwave doom pop similar
12/2022 Vaquera track ★★french police
alternative indie rock post-punk new wave coldwave similar
03/2023 Nostalgia track teresa in the moon
pop indie pop post-punk synthpop dream pop new wave NYP similar
11/2023 Vital track ★★★huir
alternative electronica post-punk synthpop synthwave darkwave similar
12/2021 March To Autumn (Cult of Alia Remix) track ★★☆night nail
alternative post-punk darkwave goth similar
08/2022 Dissociation track ★☆drklv
punk post-punk darkwave coldwave similar
02/2023 Vanished track analog dance
electronic post-punk synthpop darkwave new wave similar
02/2021 on display / pleasure to serve short ★★★shadow figure
punk post-punk synthpop darkwave goth coldwave similar
11/2022 HIDDEN MEADOWS ★☆fevr
electronic synthwave darkwave 80's new wave similar
12/2020 Burning My Dreams EP claustraphobia
electronic alternative post-punk synth darkwave goth similar
10/2023 Desolated Dance track drklv
punk post-punk darkwave coldwave similar
02/2021 Of Vultures And Sickles track ★★☆pulsations
punk post-punk darkwave similar
11/2022 Doom and Gloom track slow danse with the dead
electronic alternative darkwave gothic coldwave similar
02/2024 Triumphal track ★★huir
alternative electronica post-punk darkwave coldwave similar