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05/2024 Where There's Brass ☆ — tom kitching
folk instrumental traditional fiddle traditional folk mandolin
05/2024 Live Songs for While I Am Away short — jollychimp
rock trad
05/2024 No Moon At All — colin perry
jazz blues swing vintage trad
05/2024 In The Stream track ☆ — project smok
folk scottish trad
05/2024 Fearless Movement ★★★★★ — kamasi washington
jazz fusion swing big band trad similar
05/2024 The Ramblin' Rover track — hase waits
folk traditional folk trad traditional music NYP
04/2024 A Breaking Sky ★★ — charlie grey and joseph peach
folk piano scottish fiddle trad similar
04/2024 Golden Furze in Bloom — martha woods
electronic pop folk indie folk americana traditional
04/2024 Blind Pigs & the Speakeasies track — arseways
folk celtic trad
04/2024 Offcuts and Oddities Vol. 2 ★★★☆ — shovel dance collective
experimental folk drone field recordings free improvisation tape similar
04/2024 Wild Mountain Thyme (with Sandy Brechin) track — davie anderson
folk blues americana scottish trad
04/2024 No Wasted Joy ★★★★☆ — eliza carthy
folk folk punk traditional traditional folk trad traditional music similar
04/2024 Amid the Mirk Over the Irk — amid the mirk over the irk
folk classical fusion irish irish folk klezmer
04/2024 Fly Away track — kettle boilers
rock punk folk world chill folk rock [CC BY-SA]
04/2024 The Blockers Reel - Sean Ryan - DGDGCD Solo Guitar track — crowyote
experimental ambient folk acoustic psychedelic blues
04/2024 The Lost Summer ★★☆ — louise bichan
folk scottish traditional folk trad scottish folk similar
04/2024 Rembobine — mélisande
electro world traditional francophone traditional folk trad
03/2024 Young Tamlyn's Away ★★ — seb stone
folk traditional traditional folk trad similar
03/2024 Sous Rosée — turfu
alternative pop techno folk electronica electro
03/2024 Canarios track — arcana antiqua
folk world trad early music
03/2024 Creiriau y Delyn Rawn / Relics of the Horsehair Harp short — various artists
folk lo-fi improv english american primitive trad
03/2024 Sound! — hugsie
rock alternative folk reggae irish trad
03/2024 SM — api uiz
electronic experimental post-punk noise rock weird instrumental rock NYP
03/2024 Réponds-moi quand j'te chante! short — krakenzak
experimental rock post-rock progressive trad NYP
03/2024 Au Chemin 4 link #2 ★★☆ — alexis chartrand cédric dind-lavoie
ambient folk instrumental piano cinematic field recording NYP similar
03/2024 Siren Spring track ★★★★ — eoghan Ó ceannabháin
folk songwriter singer trad similar
03/2024 Miriam Hacksaw and Rye Demo — miriam hacksaw
folk acoustic country roots folk punk traditional
03/2024 John & June track — the mcmillan's camp boys the darnings
folk blues country world music trad NYP
03/2024 Sông Song — janick martin trio
jazz soundtrack music trad
03/2024 Bellyful track — kettle boilers
rock punk folk world folk rock irish [CC BY-SA]
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