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02/2024 Godliness Without Assistance — pkwst
experimental noise soundtrack experimental electronic avant-garde harsh noise
02/2024 "Transit / the Specter of War" 2024 — escape from warsaw
electronic experimental ambient acid post-industrial electropunk [CC BY-SA]
02/2024 FVTVRVPTVR — khΛomΛИbad
experimental avant-garde cinematic musique concrete post-industrial noise ambient [CC BY-ND]
02/2024 Altar of incense and blood — hardwire voodoobad
electronic experimental ambient noise drone post-industrial
02/2024 Line of Flight link #2 ★★★☆ — deep fade
electronic experimental noise drone industrial post-industrial NYP
02/2024 TRAIN WRECKS TAKE TIME — trauma kit
punk post-hardcore noise rock post-industrial
02/2024 E4O short — dead lesh
alternative metal punk rock hardcore punk post-industrial NYP
02/2024 Equinox short — jandreau
electronic industrial idm trance darkwave ebm NYP
02/2024 Fractals link #2 ★★★ — various artists
ambient instrumental drone industrial dark ambient classical NYP similar
02/2024 Stash Box: Volume III — mtpbad
electronic drum & bass instrumental hip-hop plunderphonics post-industrial illbient NYP
02/2024 Kluitenbreker ★☆ — la merde
experimental lo-fi post-industrial neofolk NYP
02/2024 Live at the Church of Fun 11 8 23 — kane abolafia
experimental noise power electronics post-industrial
02/2024 Megalith — antranik zakarian
electronic experimental noise drone dark ambient industrial techno NYP
02/2024 Ruusuriimu — ruusuriimu
experimental post-industrial neofolk ritual ambient apocalyptic folk NYP
02/2024 夢の舟 — junkyard shaman
experimental ambient drone avant-garde sound art post-industrial
02/2024 I Luv The Valley OH! (Xiu Xiu Cover) track — flagrastamabad
experimental rock industrial post-industrial art pop NYP
02/2024 ROTATION MATRIX — lil
experimental ambient noise drone industrial post-industrial NYP
02/2024 New Meridian link #2 ★★★☆ — open yellow circle
electronic ambient drone electronica dark ambient post-industrial similar
02/2024 Butterworld — soauthe
electronic post-industrial
02/2024 history lesson / урок по история — не сме сами
electronic experimental ambient noise avant-garde field recording NYP
02/2024 Pupa — neorxnawang
experimental dark ambient darkwave post-industrial neofolk martial industrial
02/2024 Compulsion No Future Notes Index — alexfullstop
ambient pop drone industrial post-industrial art pop
02/2024 Contact in the attention zone — six dead bulgarians
electronic experimental ambient folk minimal post-industrial
02/2024 THE VIEW FROM HALFWAY DOWN — lost in a world of ghostsbad
experimental noise industrial harsh noise wall power electronics post-industrial
02/2024 Biorevolución — thanatoloop
experimental ambient noise experimental electronic post-punk improvisation NYP
02/2024 "Autumn Miniatures. Infrastructure 2" 2024 [not released] — karol su/ka
electronic experimental ambient ambient electronic acid post-industrial [CC BY-SA]
02/2024 Soulless Loud link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5 ☆ — soulless loud
experimental ambient noise drone industrial post-punk similar
02/2024 Untot — nekromantikor
experimental trip hop post-industrial death industrial industrial hip hop [CC BY-ND]
02/2024 Enchanté — zulu souvenirbad
experimental ambient field recordings loops post-industrial
02/2024 Take the Purple II: Murex Race ★★ — golgotha communications ltd.
experimental ambient pop techno noise drone NYP
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