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04/2024 One More Chance short — crystal
electronic experimental ambient classical leftfield japanese
04/2024 SDR-34 Sonic Grandmother - Kaityu Tunnel (Pre-Order) short — slow down records
punk alternative rock punk rock emo japanese midwest emo
04/2024 Starbright short — otom
alternative indie rock electronica singer-songwriter dream pop bedroom pop
04/2024 techno24_A_ — 愴明-soumei-
ambient techno electronica soundtrack vaporwave japanese
04/2024 Post Rock IPA session short — scumbag
alternative japanese post rock instrumental NYP
04/2024 小娘日和 The Age Of Innocence ★★ — 黒木香 kaoru kuroki
jazz psychedelic funk afrobeat cosmic italo disco
04/2024 Double Happienss ☆ — asuka ando
dub reggae female vocals japanese popular
04/2024 5th EP​「見つめてたい​」​Stare at You — お寿司のともみ / osushinotomomi
pop indie bedroom pop home recording japanese home-recorded
04/2024 ごいちー / The Pen Friend Club - 「新しいメロディ / My New Melodies」 short — ごいちー the pen friend club
indie pop japanese j-pop
04/2024 SHIBUYA 2 — nkohabad
electronic instrumental experimental hip-hop japanese
04/2024 Heavy Way ★★★☆ — niningashi
psychedelic rock psychedelic pop japanese acid folk acid rock
04/2024 Riverside Session 2024.4.17 ★☆ — shinta sakamoto
pop piano vocal japanese
04/2024 Hizumi ep — an.zaa
hip hop hip-hop/rap lo-fi instrumental underground hip hop chill NYP
04/2024 Dub Tapes Vol. 4 — super natural sound
instrumental soul dub reggae drum and bass roots
04/2024 Soundview [ 20th Anniversary Edition ] — takashi tsuzuki
electronic techno jazz electronica dub tech house
04/2024 1 Everything what I do is more than MARKETING — sakamoto namiko
podcasts japanese education psychology
04/2024 Sakura Hime ~桜姫~ Instrumental short — aki dreamz
pop instrumental singer-songwriter instrumentals japanese singer
04/2024 Atomic Heart short — yellowo
electronic rock pop lofi hiphop japanese japanese pop
04/2024 裸 〜 Hadaca — 葉を吹く (ha uo fucu)
experimental alternative dungeon synth japanese comfy synth NYP
04/2024 Zekha-Toszah Khaszeteh'helah De Achidarosz; the strongholds of Samurai Island! short — 737basstp (thomas pedersen)
electronic chiptune 8bit japanese gameboy polyrhythm
04/2024 Japanese Ambient / ピンクの桜 Pinku No Sakura (Japanese Voice version) short — malcolm fisher for borl automated voices
japanese [CC BY-ND] NYP
04/2024 Japanese Ambient / Japonisme (extented track ) — malcolm fisher music for borl
ambient japanese [CC BY-ND]
04/2024 Japanese Ambient Elevator Muzak 日本のエレベータームザック Pink Cloud Bowl ピンクの雲のボウル short — malcolm fisher music for pml
ambient japanese muzak [CC BY-ND]
04/2024 Modu_DarkDrone_12042024 — モジュ太郎bad
electronic drone meditation modular synth japanese NYP
04/2024 Bonsai short — slow nomaden
electronic electronica deep house beats downtempo chillout
04/2024 Say, Every Time Need You short — dwi kashiwagi yaboishiru
electronic rock pop jazz world classical
04/2024 Výkladový slovník = Japonka v Česku 1 short — sakamoto namiko
podcasts japanese education psychology NYP
04/2024 T.Ⅰ.M.E short — shimmerbad
hip hop hip-hop/rap underground hip hop japanese NYP
04/2024 Sleepy short — kc from japan
ambient lo-fi instrumental japanese altanative NYP
04/2024 燦々枡 short — nsd trio
experimental jazz japanese experimental electronica
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