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09/2023 Made As Those Who Are No Longer Alive SPLIT ★★★★feral/crawl
metal hardcore death metal grindcore thrash metal crust
09/2023 Until There is Lightnight lives
punk metal hardcore hardcore punk post-metal crust
09/2023 Con uno sguardo solo link #2 link #3noverte
punk hardcore emo post-hardcore sludge crust NYP
09/2023 S.C.U.M. link #2 link #3 link #4 ★★★☆偏執症者 (paranoid)
punk metal noise hardcore hardcore punk heavy metal NYP similar
09/2023 Rara - Rara short — rara
punk punk rock crust d-beat NYP
09/2023 Rara - Agoniarara
punk punk rock crust d-beat NYP
09/2023 Split enxamebad
experimental noise harsh noise grindcore harsh noise wall hnw NYP
09/2023 Tormentum / A.T.E.R. Splittormentum
rock crust d-beat stenchcore
punk hardcore grindcore powerviolence crust d-beat NYP
09/2023 Crocs Attack short — crüst lee
punk hardcore punk crust raw punk NYP
09/2023 This World Is On Fireterrible one
alternative punk metal black metal grunge crust
09/2023 Demo 2023 short — squelch
metal death metal grindcore powerviolence crust crustcore
09/2023 A.T.E.R./ TormentuM splita.t.e.r. tormentum
punk metal death metal crust crust punk stenchcore
09/2023 Blueprints To Moderate Sedation link #2 geist
punk metal hardcore grindcore hardcore punk doom metal
09/2023 The World at Wardeformed existence x visions of chaos
punk hardcore punk crust d-beat raw punk
09/2023 Oblicza Terroru LPthird degree
punk hardcore crust grind
09/2023 petricore link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5 wojtek
experimental rock ambient punk metal indie
09/2023 Besuch von Tante Weltenschmerz short — ensimismarse
punk shoegaze grindcore powerviolence crust emoviolence NYP
09/2023 ipso facto short — dukkhabad
punk crust death
09/2023 No Shelter. x Menschenstaub Split 2023no shelter.
metal hardcore hardcore punk sludge crust swedish death metal NYP
09/2023 Fourth Intermezzo short — generalissimo
punk grindcore crust noisegrind depressive NYP
09/2023 DEMO 2023disreat
punk crust death grindnoise antifascist NYP
09/2023 Piumarrived consilium
punk metal crust d-beat
09/2023 Promo 2023painful degradation
punk metal hardcore death metal grindcore sludge
09/2023 loneliness & isolationhollow psalms
metal black metal crust crust punk blackened death metal depressive
09/2023 Untitled ★★pig city
punk hardcore hardcore punk powerviolence crust trans
09/2023 Імперія бидла (Empire of Scum) Обрій (obrij)
metal hardcore death metal hardcore punk doom metal crust
09/2023 AG132 // MISERY - "The Early Years" agipunk records
punk hardcore post-punk crust punk hardcore crust punk similar
09/2023 AG134 // WARKRUSHER - "Armistice" agipunk records
punk hardcore post-punk crust punk hardcore crust punk similar
09/2023 Gargling Semen Assphyxiation short — p〇rn〇grind
experimental noise harsh noise grindcore powerviolence crust NYP
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