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06/2024 Humiliation — the mole people
electronic alternative anti-folk expiremental
06/2024 (STILL HERE) / Outtakes, B-sides, and Assorted Audio Files — riduckulous
experimental post-punk diy noise rock anti-folk NYP
06/2024 Metal Demo 1 — jimmy no shoes
metal acoustic drone noise rock anti-folk alternative metal
06/2024 Hold It Together — the whiskey predicament
rock indie folk lo-fi acoustic indie folk NYP
06/2024 The Lowlight Spectrum — the mechanical turks
alternative indie folk singer-songwriter bedroom pop anti-folk NYP
06/2024 Coffee Shop EP — josh rude
experimental rock indie indie rock alternative rock avant-garde
06/2024 Painting link #2 — icarus phoenix
experimental rock ambient punk indie folk
06/2024 Songs about Climate, Democracy & Dementia — sputnik weazel
alternative folk progressive folk punk anti-folk acoustic punk
06/2024 Old Amateur — kentucker audley
folk acoustic singer-songwriter anti-folk
06/2024 Generic Punk Song... short — david montanye
punk indie rock folk rock alt-country anti-folk
06/2024 김밥 — it's justin expression
rock alternative pop punk indie lo-fi NYP
06/2024 I’ll gift it to you one day — bleach birds
folk lo-fi acoustic emo folk punk anti-folk
05/2024 Little Infinity — siena friend
folk indie rock indie folk anti-folk folktronica indietronica
05/2024 Spring Formal link #2 short — isaac gillespie
rock folk soul garage anti-folk psych folk
05/2024 Warm Ham In A Foreign Home ☆ — double deüce
alternative acoustic rock anti-folk
05/2024 Pain Painted — the heartless artichokes
punk lo-fi acoustic singer-songwriter folk punk anti-folk NYP
05/2024 Boy In Rot short — boy in rot
folk acoustic folk punk anti-folk NYP
05/2024 The Small & The Many — beißpony
experimental indie singer-songwriter art anti-folk performance
05/2024 Icarus (Live) track — envy and the sloths
alternative folk singer-songwriter indie folk anti-folk NYP
05/2024 two person't milk — better with milk
folk folk punk anti-folk stupid dumb NYP
05/2024 unlearning EP short — park anatomy
indie folk lo-fi indie folk anti-folk lo-fi indie folk NYP
05/2024 Genius Is Mysterious b/w There's a Colonel In My Kitchen short — en heat
alternative post-punk psych independent outsider anti-folk
05/2024 Sports Balls — paul iannotti
experimental rock pop indie lo-fi anti-folk
05/2024 Shelter in the Shade — shelter in the shade
alternative post-rock emo diy noise rock anti-folk NYP
05/2024 gluggaveður — the mechanical turks
alternative indie folk singer-songwriter post-rock bedroom pop NYP
05/2024 ACORDES Y AMISTAD [ MIX TAPE ] — trola
experimental alternative anti-folk
05/2024 GUISO INMUNDO track — trola
experimental alternative anti-folk
experimental alternative anti-folk
05/2024 HURACANES link #2 track — trola
experimental alternative acoustic singer-songwriter guitar anti-folk
05/2024 ELEGIR track — alazy cat
experimental alternative anti-folk
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