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sonic youth
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06/2024 Live at Heaven Can Waitopenexit
punk noise avant-garde shoegaze grunge nirvana NYP
06/2024 The Funeral Pudding link #2 ★★★★☆thinking fellers union local 282
alternative noise experimental rock 90s sonic youth similar
03/2024 Tracesfilax staël
fluxus sonic youth
03/2024 Nothing is Diamond, Diamond is Wrongsuper napkin
alternative ambient instrumental indie rock hardcore punk noise pop
03/2024 Handbrake short — ad interim
alternative alternative rock post-punk post-rock noise rock noise punk
03/2024 Pink Wax link #2 warm frames
experimental alternative punk noise indie rock post-punk NYP similar
02/2024 Nurseanna echo the high tides
electronic experimental rock alternative lo-fi instrumental
02/2024 Brutal Civilisation - Part 2 interdimensional drifters
electronic techno noise industrial electro post-punk similar
01/2024 Center ★★★or best offer
experimental ambient indie rock noise rock experimental rock improv similar
01/2024 Wilderhoneywilderhoney the wild honey collective
alternative punk indie folk music folk music NYP
01/2024 Out of Focus (single) short — psychic wars
rock post-punk shoegaze fuzz heavy psych grungegaze NYP
01/2024 Sin ti no soy nada short — interrogaciÓn amor
pop post-punk hyperpop autotune boards of canada sonic youth NYP
01/2024 Strange About Me?strange about me?
alternative indie rock alternative rock folk rock grunge nirvana
01/2024 Blackwaterstarbag figurebreeze tymp2425c.c
experimental ambient noise dark ambient experimental electronic analog
11/2023 My $0.02the lightning struck
rock alternative television sonic youth
11/2023 Shed EPcooperblack
electronic experimental electronic post-punk darkwave new wave gothic
11/2023 HAMMERS & SHATTERED FAITH IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER track — chrome interior
experimental noise industrial power electronics sonic youth
10/2023 Duplicadoextras
rock noise shoegaze guitar noise rock western
10/2023 in the voodz track — alexander wanderlust
experimental indie rock noise pop home recording sonic youth NYP
10/2023 SKiN GRAFT Records Presents... Sounds To Make You Shudder! ★★★★★various artists david yow yowie usa nails psychic graveyard john dwyer etc
noise halloween sonic youth similar
09/2023 Fortuna short — interrogaciÓn amor
pop post-punk hyperpop autotune boards of canada sonic youth NYP
09/2023 Transportation track — uncommon rat
experimental punk acoustic freak folk sonic youth western mass
08/2023 The Sauna Sessionspink fur
rock alternative noise shoegaze rock & roll ambient electronic
08/2023 MIRÓ'S EYE track — chrome interior
experimental sonic youth
08/2023 Minerves minerves
electronic experimental alternative indie psychedelic leftfield similar
08/2023 Pan-Lunarismthis atmosphere
experimental jazz drone avant-garde experimental rock free jazz
08/2023 New Works For Electric Guitar And Miniature Amplifierclarinette
experimental drone avant-garde experimental rock free improvisation experimental music
07/2023 Isolation, Volume 9clarinette
experimental drone avant-garde experimental rock free improvisation experimental music NYP
06/2023 Ocean of Crudpink fur
alternative noise shoegaze ambient electronic noise rock fuzz rock
05/2023 Live at the Stone ★★★thurston moore/samara lubelski/bill nace
electronic ambient noise improv sonic youth similar
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