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04/2024 Till Aska ★★☆walk through fire
metal doom doom metal sludge contemporary sludge metal [CC BY-NC]
04/2024 Окован short — shir (ШИР)bad
metal drone death metal doom doom metal sludge [CC BY-ND]
04/2024 ONEprotohibit
ambient metal noise harsh noise sludge improvisational [CC BY-SA]
04/2024 Fatalist Dreador short — deformis bastardis
ambient dark ambient harsh noise wall sludge dungeon synth raw black metal [CC BY-SA] NYP
04/2024 And the word became flesh short — baseballbathandle
experimental ambient metal noise avant-garde sludge [CC BY-SA] NYP
04/2024 OM ॐ RADIO link #2abyss sister x bargeist
electronic experimental ambient noise dark ambient shoegaze [CC BY-ND]
04/2024 last lepidoptera left lightkeeper's loftikaiora
ambient metal instrumental post-rock progressive metal sludge [CC BY] NYP
04/2024 Darvaza Campfire Tales short — sr. aluminio
punk metal hardcore grindcore sludge fastcore [CC BY-SA] NYP
03/2024 ×BL.HC Bootleg Vol.1: Puncaroccobarrito una fi*a blu mortaio bleeding eyes confine
punk hardcore sludge live stoner garage punk [CC BY-SA] NYP
03/2024 Ding Dong tvar'
rock doom metal experimental rock sludge stoner tropical [CC BY-ND]
03/2024 cyclooxygenase link #2fawn soto
electronic experimental noise jazz experimental electronic sludge [CC BY] NYP
03/2024 withdrawal short — ganjubatronic
metal doom sludge [CC BY] NYP
03/2024 Ghosts in the Machine link #2 short — lucifer jones
metal hardcore hard rock doom sludge stoner [CC BY-SA] SUB ONLY
03/2024 Без криле short — shir (ШИР)bad
metal drone doom doom metal sludge sludge metal [CC BY-ND] NYP
03/2024 It's Shoved short — streetyskewb
alternative hardcore hardcore punk grunge noise rock sludge [CC BY-SA] NYP
03/2024 No idea underground punkhpb/bass bob
rock ambient punk metal alternative rock hard rock [CC BY-ND]
03/2024 Critique of Pure BSlil bilughm/citratepolice
electronic experimental noise jazz sludge free improv [CC BY] NYP
03/2024 ...Until This Land Turns Green Again!death pact international
experimental ambient noise drone industrial power electronics [CC BY] NYP
03/2024 Cursed Children short — reigan-do
metal post-rock post-hardcore sludge post-metal post [CC BY-ND] NYP
03/2024 Vir074: Empires lophius
experimental rock punk drone doom sludge [CC BY-SA]
03/2024 Righteous Man short — Üga büga
rock hard rock heavy metal sludge stoner metal [CC BY-ND] NYP
03/2024 LAST short — dead way enlightenment
experimental ambient metal sludge heavy sludge metal [CC BY]
02/2024 RESIN CRUST link #2roach lung
hip-hop/rap punk metal rap lo-fi psychedelic [CC BY] NYP
02/2024 Limerence short — mark james hammond & the slender blindbad
electronic alternative lo-fi dark ambient dream pop grunge [CC BY-ND]
02/2024 Садится солнцеpotvor
punk metal black metal sludge [CC BY-ND] NYP
02/2024 Bliss'krəstēbad
electronic experimental noise vaporwave sludge reverb [CC BY] NYP
02/2024 Demo 2023 link #2aftermath
punk metal death metal grindcore hardcore punk doom metal [CC BY-NC] NYP
02/2024 @RT*M@DƎ*WH|LƎ*|N*@*SL*MPgrl_h3llbad
electronic experimental ambient drone dark ambient trap [CC BY-SA]
02/2024 Программный Кодフィルタ 85 Белые Сны Уставших Боговbad
experimental ambient noise drone industrial harsh noise [CC BY-ND] NYP
02/2024 Charlatan Sorceress (Dopethrone) short — speed/ball
experimental sludge [CC BY] NYP
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