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field recording
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09/2023 Vels d’Èter glass isle
electronic experimental ambient drone avant-garde sound art
09/2023 s6t8rgilles aubry
electronic experimental noise dark ambient field recording
09/2023 ...drowned out...squncr
experimental ambient soundscape field recording hauntology memories
09/2023 Tender Membranes ★★marja ahti
electronic experimental electroacoustic abstract field recording synthesizer
09/2023 Dissolution Grip ★★★★kmru
experimental ambient field recording
09/2023 Metal ★★válek merta tarnovski
experimental ambient metal drone experimental electronic field recording similar
09/2023 Rustler ★★★daniel menche
experimental noise drone experimental electronic sound art field recordings
09/2023 River Flowing short — tttooooni
ambient drone spoken word field recordings field recording NYP
09/2023 STAND 2 (or Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose)madmartigan returns
experimental ambient noise drone field recording NYP
09/2023 oumuamuamarian pietrowicz
electronic ambient pop folk experimental electronic field recording NYP
09/2023 Inside Car Wash Tunnel Sound Library short ★★☆freetousesounds
experimental ambient field recordings soundscapes field recording ambience [CC BY]
09/2023 Untitled (2009) link #2 francisco lópez
experimental ambient noise experimental electronic electroacoustic musique concrete similar
09/2023 Floating Island - Vanishing Worlds Seriespeter simon
experimental ambient industrial experimental electronic field recording
09/2023 Jamadevilynn nandar htoo
electronic experimental alternative field recording [CC BY-NC]
09/2023 Elbetunnel short — chris dooks
ambient electronica spoken word sound art field recordings krautrock
09/2023 Enclave link #2harry sumnerbad
ambient soundscape sound art field recording minimalism microsound
09/2023 Vidura: gurgles for an embrace pablo diserens
experimental soundscape electroacoustic sound art field recordings field recording [CC BY-SA]
09/2023 Oregon Coast (09-21-2023) (Camera And Cellphone Recordings) short — kinobad
experimental field recordings field recording binaural fieldrecording NYP
09/2023 W13.01groundforms
experimental ambient field recording modular
09/2023 Psychotic Fixationforward! for noise
electronic noise drone experimental electronic harsh noise field recording
09/2023 Démonologueman in the shadow
experimental ambient noise drone psychedelic industrial
09/2023 kavernös VIkavernös
experimental drone musique concrete field recording non music
09/2023 Mal de Débarquement link #2elen huynh mark vernon
electronic experimental alternative ambient soundscape spoken word
09/2023 Parallaxis short — praying for oblivion superror zebra mu
experimental noise drone experimental electronic harsh noise sound art
09/2023 Organic Volatilisation Near Imperceivablesimon whetham
experimental soundscape glitch field recordings abstract field recording [CC BY-ND]
09/2023 Omnipac Building short — soundprint archive
world field recording samples production
09/2023 Detroit Packard Plant short — soundprint archive
world field recording samples production
09/2023 Farmers Cold Storage LLC short — soundprint archive
world field recording samples production
09/2023 rust and stardustphenotypobad
electronic experimental ambient jazz drone electronica [CC BY-SA]
09/2023 First Yearlucas yoshimura wood
experimental noise sound art field recording NYP
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