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bedroom recordings
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06/2024 The Fashion Of Lossstone
alternative ambient indie rock alternative rock post-punk punk rock
06/2024 Can I Go Awaycagorical
experimental folk lo-fi drone minimal improvisation
06/2024 Barry short — daniel thomas
folk folk punk ep bedroom recordings nerd NYP
06/2024 publicstaticv0idrolliwan
alternative hip hop indie lo-fi alternative pop psychedelic pop
06/2024 2 poems short — zachary tea
alternative ambient indie lo-fi singer-songwriter spoken word
06/2024 Oceans of Scattered Memorymax lewis
experimental rock ambient noise drone singer-songwriter NYP
06/2024 violenceyou, me & the beautiful life
experimental acoustic singer-songwriter emo acoustic guitar bedroom NYP
06/2024 ข่าว 3 มิติ Type Beat track — kmonvish lawan
experimental rock pop beats hyperpop sampling NYP
06/2024 Nothing Was Better With You track — pascale
experimental alternative pop acoustic bedroom cello
06/2024 Things That Happened Between 1978 and 2011 short — bergadler
acoustic singer-songwriter indie folk americana bedroom recordings NYP
06/2024 Headspaceaquínomás
rock hip hop indie lo-fi jazz indie rock NYP
06/2024 Lost track ★★★☆soccer mommy
alternative indie lo-fi chill bedroom pop bedroom recordings
06/2024 Bewitching Nights EmbraceyngrvÍd
metal black metal post-punk raw black metal bedroom recordings
06/2024 Rain Clubrain club
alternative indie lo-fi indie pop bedroom pop jangle pop NYP
06/2024 quiet pop songs (deluxe)elizabeth whitington
experimental noise pop queer bedroom recordings NYP
06/2024 Hacer música es hacer magia EP short — lorena orlando
experimental alternative indie pop bedroom pop popindie bedroom recordings
06/2024 don't stand me down / aaahh!!! real monsters short — from philadelphia
alternative queer midwest emo bedroom recordings NYP
06/2024 Notes for Cloe Lakepenelec
experimental glitch dark bedroom recordings shitgaze
06/2024 Rubyrené
experimental dark ambient bedroom recordings dark ambient noise bedroom folk
05/2024 The Periodic Table AlbumhnŒfclbri
alternative bedroom recordings quirky pop
05/2024 Destroy Love track — låska
pop lo-fi dance post-punk synthpop synth
05/2024 Bedroom Seshvon deliciae
rock alternative folk acoustic drone shoegaze NYP
05/2024 CCoverdrew danburry
folk indie rock indie pop shoegaze bedroom pop independent music NYP
05/2024 Dog Boy Tapedynamote
alternative indie lo-fi avant-garde bedroom recordings
05/2024 She Came from The Nest / DEMO '24moth girl
alternative folk folk punk alternative folk bedroom recordings bedroom folk NYP
05/2024 juno track — octtt
acoustic indie pop indie folk bedroom pop bedroom recordings slacker rock NYP
05/2024 This Tunnel is a Fortressmud dauber
alternative punk folk shoegaze diy doom NYP
05/2024 night loopscafe allegro
electronic ambient shoegaze soundscape jungle bedroom recordings
05/2024 Big Dream track — maxwell mohatt
rock alternative acoustic indie rock diy home recording
05/2024 Red Dirt Emodavis fort
folk acoustic singer-songwriter independent bedroom recordings NYP
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