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12/2022 Phihha Tree track whirling hall of knives
experimental techno noise drone electro rhythmic noise NYP similar

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06/2017 Bunkrapt link #2 ★★☆whirling hall of knives
electronic experimental techno noise drone electro similar
02/2019 Super Annoying ★★☆takahiro mukai
electronic experimental techno electronica electro synth similar
02/2020 Music for Drained Swimming Pools foldhead
electronic experimental ambient noise drone feedback [CC BY-ND] similar
12/2020 Palm of Saddam grey park
experimental ambient noise lo-fi leftfield cassette similar
03/2021 Dark Was The Night max eastman
experimental alternative noise lo-fi drone NYP similar
10/2011 Astonished To Death lovely wife
experimental noise post-rock doom experimental rock improvised similar
02/2020 Split lovely wife
experimental noise post-rock doom experimental rock improvised similar
04/2019 CRR013 midwich daniel thomas
experimental NYP similar
01/2024 Challenging Environments fordell research unit
ambient noise similar
05/2014 “I am a moment illuminating eternity... I am affirmation... I am ecstasy.” daniel thomas kevin sanders
ambient noise drone [CC BY] NYP similar
02/2022 Grianan link #2 ★★★nwyvre
electronic experimental techno noise house drone NYP similar
11/2021 FOG OCTEMBER ★★neil campbell
experimental NYP similar
05/2020 Throttle Ego Temple - No Longer Lost Series Vol 1 bigroadbreaker
electronic experimental shoegaze musique concrete similar
03/2021 Manifes link #2 ★★★☆nwyvre
electronic experimental techno noise drone electro NYP similar
05/2015 P!!ggz ★★☆whirling hall of knives
electronic experimental noise electronica similar
06/2018 Duos ★★☆aonghus mcevoy tristan clutterbuck
experimental drone improvisation electronic music guitar sound art similar
06/2020 Sigourney ★★☆sigourney
electronic experimental metal noise industrial harsh noise similar
06/2022 Between Here and There ★☆imaginary sky lights
electronic alternative drone dark ambient art rock gothic similar
06/2017 Intent ★★osman arabi
experimental improvisation guitar improv solo guitar similar
07/2020 in Fort Banal, through Port Dismal ★☆neil campbell
experimental NYP similar
11/2020 Alms of Guilt link #2 ★☆brb>voicecoil
electronic experimental musique concrete similar
05/2013 Transit Timing Variations daniel thomas kevin sanders
electronic experimental noise psychedelic improvisation NYP similar
12/2016 Wandsworth Sports link #2 gareth js thomas
electronic experimental ambient punk noise abstract similar
06/2017 Circling the Drain ★★★☆beneath the sod
experimental metal doom doom metal funeral doom funeral doom metal similar
02/2020 Abstract Double Concrete ★★☆astral social club
experimental techno noise similar
11/2021 PNEUL ★☆paul harrison neil campbell
experimental NYP similar
05/2023 Recoil / Greywash ★★★of one whirling hall of knives
electronic experimental alternative ambient techno dance similar
08/2021 troveer thenever
electronic experimental alternative ambient drone ambient electronic NYP similar
03/2023 La Lune / Le Pendu link #2 arsenne arthur
electronic experimental alternative ambient noise drone similar
06/2023 Gloaming / Primitive Technology link #2 ★★☆nwyvre
electronic experimental ambient techno noise drone NYP similar