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05/2020 Pick of The Lot! ★★★☆tired records
hip hop indie rap hardcore shoegaze emo similar

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01/2016 everyone's sorry when it's 2 L8 short quite quiet
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04/2018 Late to the Party xingfoo&roy
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06/2012 A Shadow of a Sound ★★☆anechois
alternative alternative rock post-rock progressive rock 2012 similar
10/2012 Before gema
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10/2013 Mountains and Tides pitch feather
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01/2012 The Midas Sessions lunarin
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05/2020 Veggie Wraps, Vol. 2 bgourd fauxe
hip hop hip-hop/rap rap underground hip hop boom bap rap similar
06/2014 Greatest Hitsthe roses
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05/2016 Existence track remnants
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04/2015 Jaime Wong EP jaime wong
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03/2017 The Warrior tim de cotta
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01/2017 Volume I ★☆t-rex
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08/2018 Underbite long live the empire
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08/2014 H Y B R D T H R Y 01hybrdthry
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04/2014 In Between The Folds tiramisu
alternative funk bubblegum doom pop similar
03/2016 Memories of Melancholic Horses the e's
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02/2013 Indian Head Massage typewriter
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03/2014 Circles ★★☆anechois
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12/2017 ATC EP2 ★★☆amateur takes control
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08/2011 Forgiefan nicholas chim
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12/2014 Pastelpower Broadcast: Live EP short ★☆pastelpower
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03/2014 The Violet Hour ★☆monster cat
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12/2013 The Anchor EP ★★giants must fall
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07/2014 Is It Just Another Day sapporo safaris
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01/2013 Is It In The Circle? spacedays
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12/2014 Welcome The Ironists ★★caracal
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01/2011 Masters, Wives, Daughter cheating sons
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