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04/2022 looking up from a hole...single short the dirty sun
alternative punk industrial post-punk darkwave goth NYP similar

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04/2021 Dead Violets Night (Single) short rain to rust
rock industrial post-punk synthpop synthwave darkwave NYP similar
03/2023 Nocturna track prendersefuego
alternative electronica post-punk ebm coldwave similar
11/2021 Trudy (Bleib Modern Remix) short b a i c a l
alternative post-punk coldwave similar
12/2023 The Procession short mourning laughter
electronic post-punk synth darkwave goth goth rock similar
07/2023 SCHMERZ - "Lamentum" infravox records
electronic synthwave coldwave synthpunk minimal synth similar
09/2022 Recovery track twin tears
electronic alternative post-punk synth goth similar
05/2023 El Miedo En Tus Ojos track guerra fría
alternative post-punk new wave goth similar
02/2023 I Like to Dance track — liquid landbad
alternative indie post-punk avant-garde synthpop minimal similar
02/2021 All I Had track the secret shelson's band
alternative post-punk synthpop shoegaze darkwave new wave NYP similar
11/2020 Poisoning Of Every Seed (single) short the ghost of bela lugosi
alternative post-punk synthpop edm darkwave new wave similar
03/2022 Mother's Son Album mother's son
electronic alternative post-punk shoegaze darkwave coldwave similar
06/2021 Sleepless (Single) short em_len
electronic synthwave darkwave new wave goth dark synthwave similar
01/2002 the drowned city songs from a rainy day
alternative darkwave goth gothic NYP similar
12/2020 Cemetery City pleasure policy
rock orchestral similar
04/2023 Mavita (Mystic Remix by Synthetik Division) track la procesión de lo infinito
rock post-punk darkwave goth gothic gothic rock NYP similar
01/2023 Tears of a Thousand Eyes track the bone tree
alternative post-punk goth gothic rock goth rock similar
09/2023 Blurred Visions short postlooperish
alternative post-punk new wave gothic coldwave similar
02/2024 Not Far From Home [Album] urbandoned.
alternative punk post-punk shoegaze darkwave gothic NYP similar
11/2023 Heaven's Sorrow track shelley's lullaby
electronic alternative alternative rock post-punk darkwave gothic similar
06/2022 Sangre - EPcaídas libres
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave NYP similar
06/2021 les fantômes du soir track les fantomes du soir
electronic darkwave new wave goth gothic coldwave similar
09/2023 A Whisper (feat. Leo Skiadas) track das noir
experimental alternative post-punk minimal darkwave goth similar
08/2022 "Fragmentos" ecmenesia
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave minimal wave similar
03/2022 Oly mélyen alszol track utolsó hullám
alternative post-punk darkwave goth gothic similar
06/2023 Colorless track — another abyss
alternative indie rock post-punk darkwave goth wave similar
08/2022 Armadilha track gótia
electronic post-punk darkwave goth gothic coldwave NYP similar
10/2023 Centuries postlooperish
alternative post-punk new wave gothic coldwave similar
09/2021 Stella short the ecstatic spells
rock darkwave gothic rock goth rock similar
11/2020 Lacunas Abissais track ratpajama
electronic darkwave ebm coldwave [CC BY-ND] NYP similar
12/2022 Androide track old providence
electronic alternative post-punk darkwave ebm deathrock similar