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01/2013 Figures of Eight sapporo safaris
rock indie folk new wave baroque similar

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10/2014 Skin and Bones seasight
punk emo NYP similar
01/2016 E.T. tacit aria
rock post-hardcore band NYP similar
01/2016 For Better Tomorrows short — emily in denial
metal post-hardcore metalcore 2016 NYP similar
06/2014 Greatest Hitsthe roses
alternative pop indie alternative rock grunge garage punk NYP similar
04/2019 Art Is Blood i am david sparkle
rock instrumental soundtrack cinematic doom metal doomgaze similar
02/2013 Indian Head Massage typewriter
pop indie indie rock power pop NYP similar
06/2012 This Is Atlantis/Daighila Split short — this is atlantis
rock instrumental rock similar
04/2016 2016 Promo short guilty mind
punk hardcore hardcore punk k-pop 303 youth crew NYP similar
05/2016 The Greatest Enemynicholas chim
indie folk singer-songwriter acoustic guitar similar
05/2017 Too Hurt short hollow threat
metal hardcore NYP similar
11/2017 Hindsight short sun eater
rock alternative metal alternative rock experimental rock similar
02/2015 Knightingale (EP)knightingalebad
rock garage rock garage punk garage pop fuzz rock similar
01/2021 Songs of Love Lost & Isolation lunarin
rock alternative pop metal electronica progressive similar
01/2018 Ordinary People and Exceptional Beaststhomas the death train
experimental post-hardcore metalcore melodic hardcore easycore similar
02/2016 Greatest Hits shaky wrists
electronic rock hip hop soul funk r&b NYP similar
01/2013 Is It In The Circle? spacedays
alternative indie psychedelic rock psychedelic pop similar
03/2016 Memories of Melancholic Horses the e's
rock indie rock pop rock similar
12/2012 4:29 EPthe auditory effect
rock alternative pop indie new wave similar
11/2016 Both Boxer & Benjaminplainsunset
rock alternative punk indie similar
01/2013 Oval East wyd:syd
experimental rock alternative indie NYP similar
12/2012 Parallel Lives achilous
rock alternative rock post-hardcore similar
11/2017 Eminent short anechois
alternative alternative rock post-rock chill progressive rock fusion similar
01/2017 Volume I ★☆t-rex
experimental rock alternative metal psychedelic avant-garde similar
10/2016 Facade ft KC Meals short exhibitors
experimental hardcore melodic melodic hardcore emotive hardcore similar
electronic freeform [CC BY-SA] NYP similar
06/2014 Crossing Swords stopgap
alternative indie post-punk revival NYP similar
04/2015 Jaime Wong EP jaime wong
pop acoustic singer-songwriter similar
08/2011 Forgiefan nicholas chim
indie folk acoustic singer-songwriter guitar acoustic guitar similar
09/2007 Flower Show Riots the great spy experiment
rock indie rock similar
08/2014 Synapses ★★☆pleasantry
rock pop indie indie rock indie pop similar