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12/2014 Pastelpower Broadcast: Live EP short ★☆pastelpower
electronic pop dream pop kawaii twee pop similar

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08/2018 Underbite long live the empire
alternative punk indie rock emo pop rock similar
01/2017 Volume I ★☆t-rex
experimental rock alternative metal psychedelic avant-garde similar
03/2014 Circles ★★☆anechois
alternative alternative rock post-rock progressive rock similar
12/2014 Welcome The Ironists ★★caracal
alternative indie rock hardcore alternative rock post-rock post-hardcore similar
09/2013 Self-Titled EP short two seas
experimental alternative rock progressive rock post-hardcore experimental rock math rock NYP similar
12/2017 ATC EP2 ★★☆amateur takes control
alternative metal indie instrumental post-rock math rock similar
04/2019 Art Is Blood i am david sparkle
rock instrumental soundtrack cinematic doom metal doomgaze similar
06/2011 Life, Love & A Loss For Better Words west grand boulevard
rock alternative pop indie pop punk similar
04/2016 2016 Promo short guilty mind
punk hardcore hardcore punk k-pop 303 youth crew NYP similar
08/2014 Synapses ★★☆pleasantry
rock pop indie indie rock indie pop similar
10/2014 Skin and Bones seasight
punk emo NYP similar
05/2015 Easy Way Out (Elliott Smith Cover) short inch
electronic alternative indie folk acoustic indie rock similar
01/2008 Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address ★★b-quartet
rock indie alternative rock similar
07/2009 Phoenix EP caracal
alternative indie rock hardcore alternative rock post-rock post-hardcore similar
08/2011 Forgiefan nicholas chim
indie folk acoustic singer-songwriter guitar acoustic guitar similar
03/2013 Youth Of Gold the pinholes
alternative pop funk rock & roll psychedelia similar
02/2015 Knightingale (EP)knightingalebad
rock garage rock garage punk garage pop fuzz rock similar
11/2012 Traditions (2012) a town in fear
metal hardcore melodic similar
05/2017 Too Hurt short hollow threat
metal hardcore NYP similar
01/2021 Songs of Love Lost & Isolation lunarin
rock alternative pop metal electronica progressive similar
11/2017 Hindsight short sun eater
rock alternative metal alternative rock experimental rock similar
05/2014 Civilizations this is atlantis
rock instrumental rock similar
01/2018 Ordinary People and Exceptional Beaststhomas the death train
experimental post-hardcore metalcore melodic hardcore easycore similar
09/2014 D E A D W E I G H T short f a d e r
punk pop punk melodic punk emotive NYP similar
01/2016 everyone's sorry when it's 2 L8 short quite quiet
pop lo-fi acoustic emo dream pop bedroom pop NYP similar
10/2012 Before gema
electronic electronica beats bass similar
09/2018 In Memory Of bennett bay
instrumental acoustic singer-songwriter guitar similar
12/2015 THE MHC EP ★☆mediocre haircut crew
hip-hop/rap rap & hip-hop NYP similar
07/2014 Is It Just Another Day sapporo safaris
rock indie folk new wave baroque similar
02/2016 Greatest Hits shaky wrists
electronic rock hip hop soul funk r&b NYP similar