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02/2020 Dead End ★★★paradise cove
rock indie rock post-punk darkwave similar

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06/2020 Conversation Piece ★★★closed mouth
alternative post-punk coldwave similar
03/2024 Echo Drama link #2 ★★★★☆ductape
alternative punk post-punk synthwave darkwave goth similar
04/2021 Murder's Prayer track ★★★neila invo
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic similar
09/2018 Your Reflectiontenebre
electronic post-punk darkwave horror deathrock similar
03/2021 Cristal track ★☆antiflvx
alternative electronica synthpop darkwave goth coldwave similar
03/2020 Innocence ★★★clone culture
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave similar
06/2023 A heart is the deepest dungeon ★★★attic frost
alternative post-punk darkwave goth gothic coldwave similar
05/2020 Secondary Eyes link #2 ★★★★delphine coma
alternative post-punk synthwave shoegaze darkwave goth similar
07/2019 Nothing will remain (Single) short ★★grey gallows
alternative darkwave coldwave similar
01/2020 Ultimo destino - "Danza" (single) for fothcoming EP debut short — inclub records
electronic post-punk shoegaze darkwave goth gothic similar
06/2018 A Thousand Eyes short future daughters
electronic electronica post-punk synthwave darkwave goth similar
01/2021 Guinea Pig short the ghost of bela lugosi
alternative post-punk synthpop synthwave darkwave goth similar
10/2019 Shades ★★☆grey gallows
alternative darkwave goth coldwave similar
10/2023 Optograms ★★★☆corbeau hangs
electronic alternative post-punk synthpop darkwave new wave similar
03/2024 MD159 - LIVING TEMPLES "Glass" living temples
alternative indie post-punk darkwave coldwave gothic rock similar
11/2022 Life Got Claws ★★★★the secret french postcards
alternative indie rock post-punk darkwave goth gothic similar
04/2019 Beyond the Door ★★★☆the bluebeard's castle
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic coldwave gothic rock similar
04/2020 Out Of You ★★★★the secret french postcards
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic gothic rock [CC BY-NC] similar
09/2022 No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter ★★★european ghost
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave elettronica similar
09/2017 Mischievous Urges Special Edition EP velvet kills
rock alternative electro post-punk synthpop synthwave similar
02/2018 Say Zero track russian rose
electronic minimal dark goth coldwave wave [CC BY] similar
05/2017 Burn With Me short gentle ropes
pop post-punk darkwave goth deathrock NYP similar
05/2023 Strangers ★★★★☆grey gallows
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave goth gothic similar
09/2020 Die Before Death ★★★★mary
alternative punk post-punk new wave gothic industrial rock similar
01/2021 Labirent link #2 ★★★★☆ductape
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave goth coldwave similar
12/2018 Spectacle 1 ★★★push button press
punk post-punk darkwave gothic coldwave similar
02/2020 A Primitive Trinitas ★★★★iamnoone
alternative post-punk darkwave goth coldwave minimal wave similar
11/2018 Perspectives ★★★★antipole
rock post-punk darkwave goth coldwave [CC BY-ND] similar
11/2020 Mirror Of Haze "Forgotten Places, Forgotten People" Single short wave records
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic similar
03/2019 Contradictions link #2 ★★★★☆the secret french postcards
experimental alternative post-punk darkwave new wave goth similar