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12/2022 Let Me Forget ★★★new today
pop post-punk darkwave goth coldwave deathrock NYP similar

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10/2021 Cradle ★★★new today
pop punk post-punk darkwave goth coldwave NYP similar
10/2018 Structures ★★★m o n o g r a p h i c
alternative post-punk post-rock neo-psychedelia similar
05/2022 Gift For You ★★☆terminal serious
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave post-punk revival similar
05/2021 End of The World ★★mekong
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave goth rock similar
01/2021 Steriles Landallein in der badewanne
punk post-punk post-rock shoegaze coldwave similar
05/2021 ICR070-EP1 - JE T'AIME "Another Day In Hell" EP short — icy cold records
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave gothic rock similar
04/2019 Circle of Knives (Single) short ★☆kiss of the whip
electronic alternative synthwave darkwave goth similar
10/2019 echos short ★★☆dark gray houses
punk post-punk darkwave retro similar
04/2020 The Lebanon - (The Human League COVER) short ★★☆delphine coma
alternative post-punk shoegaze darkwave NYP similar
12/2019 (the last) time of your life short ★☆graysons
alternative post-punk darkwave NYP similar
12/2023 Neverending Grey short cold union
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave similar
02/2018 Minutes (remastered) short devine noire
alternative post-punk synthpop shoegaze darkwave coldwave similar
02/2020 The Process short — into grey
alternative post-punk coldwave NYP similar
03/2022 Mother's Son Album mother's son
electronic alternative post-punk shoegaze darkwave coldwave similar
03/2020 Nights Illusion short ★☆desolation years
electronic post-punk synthwave darkwave industrial pop similar
09/2019 FRACTUREmark of the sphinx
rock industrial post-punk darkwave gothic deathrock similar
10/2022 Crow Black Dream - Ma nem short — crow black dream
alternative post-punk darkwave similar
02/2019 Between Mindsbetween minds
alternative post-punk darkwave goth gothic rock goth rock NYP similar
12/2016 Eu sou um sem nome short — the dreams never end
alternative post-punk synthwave minimal darkwave musica similar
03/2021 The Hills - Single short mekong
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave gothic rock goth rock NYP similar
07/2017 Sunset Of Youth short gentle ropes
pop post-punk darkwave goth deathrock similar
12/2020 Thousand Faces short ★★closed mouth
alternative synthpop synthwave darkwave new wave coldwave NYP similar
08/2021 Endless (Single) short — em_len
electronic post-punk synthwave darkwave new wave goth similar
05/2023 INSOMNIA III : Like A Nocturnal Animal short nlight
alternative post-punk synthwave trance progressive rock darkwave similar
03/2020 Burning Flowers short gentle ropes
pop post-punk darkwave goth deathrock similar
05/2021 SEVIT - On the Edge Of A Darker Place inclub records
electronic post-punk shoegaze darkwave new wave goth similar
04/2022 looking up from a hole...single short the dirty sun
alternative punk industrial post-punk darkwave goth NYP similar
10/2022 Torn Apart short the funeral rose
alternative post-punk synthwave synth new wave goth similar
06/2020 Days of Pestilence short — austere moon
punk post-punk darkwave goth minimal wave similar
04/2018 A Mental Low short joy must remain
alternative indie rock cinematic mood music music for film similar