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01/2021 Jugular & B-Side short ★★new today
pop post-punk darkwave goth deathrock NYP similar

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04/2021 the destructive character ★★totvm
electronic industrial electro post-punk synthwave shoegaze similar
06/2021 Before The Dream Faded ★★★closed mouth
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04/2018 Demotape I ★★after absence
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03/2020 Bodhi Labyrinth ★★★☆velvet kills
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01/2020 Modern Disease link #2 ★★★☆lost messages
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05/2021 End of The World ★★mekong
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05/2020 searching // different from the days video cult
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03/2022 Cold Hand short ★★★☆forever grey
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07/2020 Together at Last ★★★★new today
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10/2019 echos short ★★☆dark gray houses
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01/2020 Mantis short ★★☆iamnoone
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10/2020 End This Summer EP [2020] ★★★★☆undertheskin
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06/2012 Forgotten Knowledge ★★★★★in death it ends
punk industrial post-punk power electronics witch house coldwave similar
06/2021 All That Is True ★★★★☆hallows
electronic post-punk post-rock shoegaze darkwave atmospheric similar
04/2018 What Remains ★★★☆dead spells
alternative post-punk darkwave goth similar
02/2021 The Bairn / Rendezvous ★★★double echo
electronic alternative psychedelic electro funk post-punk similar
06/2022 Alienation ★★★☆neila invo
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic similar
12/2022 Let Me Forget ★★★new today
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02/2020 Dead End ★★★paradise cove
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08/2020 Mistake link #2 ★★little fantastic partner
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09/2020 MD117 - FALL SHOCK "Interior" ★★★fall shock
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10/2021 Cradle ★★★new today
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07/2017 flowers short ★★☆dark gray houses
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03/2021 Garden of Lies ★★★★☆grey gallows
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06/2020 Rehearsed Dialogue short accumortis
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05/2020 Tanzen short ★★desolation years
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09/2022 Surviving Civilisation ★☆propter hoc
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07/2022 Paint it Grey short after a while
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09/2018 Platonic Perspectives ★★☆antiflvx
alternative electronica synthpop darkwave goth coldwave similar