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01/2023 Silence Starved EP. mother's son
electronic alternative post-punk shoegaze darkwave gothic similar

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01/2024 Velvet Season track ★★☆propter hoc
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03/2021 The Empty Road track grimdeluxe
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12/2023 Emotions track ★☆vioflesh
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10/2022 Wreckage the secret experiment
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07/2022 Dystopia boxes of blow
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09/2021 END TIMES pleasure policy
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11/2022 Let me down tonight track drklv
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03/2023 REDEMPTION track ★☆vodoo rage
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03/2024 Sinner (Pecador/죄인) track ★☆past self haunt me
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11/2020 Stranger Sign kehle
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12/2023 Die Young short nightsister
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03/2021 Your Transience is Mine EP claustraphobia
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