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12/2012 Sifting Through Droppings for Nutrients / Waves Crashing Piano Chords Split short ★★☆s.t.d.f.n. w.c.p.c.
experimental noise grindcore sludge post-industrial similar

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01/2012 Royal Talons ★★☆royal talons
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01/2013 Inerds / Bestower Split ★★☆inerds bestower
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08/2012 Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients ★★☆s.t.d.f.n.
experimental drone grindcore sludge noisecore similar
12/2012 A Grindcore Christmas 2 ★★☆various artists
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06/2011 DJ Nevermind Promo Mix 2011 ★★☆dj nevermind
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10/2013 Candice Killed The Christian Rap [single] short ★★☆girls names
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12/2011 "Plex'n'guts" Mixtape ★★☆c-plex boxguts
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06/2011 Dirt ★★☆infected womb
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11/2013 Controlled By Fear ★★☆controlled by fear
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12/2012 Last Drinks short ★★☆in her rotten cheek
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