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03/2013 Methlab Promo Mix 2 - Biological Tour-Fare 2013 ★★☆dj skull vomit gore tech
experimental hardcore grindcore breakcore speedcore raggacore similar

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09/2012 Blistered Mind Split ★★☆oscillation overthruster h.f.a.t.t.m.
experimental drone harsh noise grindcore power electronics similar
01/2013 DINGBAT ★★☆actuary
experimental noise grindcore power electronics post-industrial similar
03/2012 4 ★★☆disk-3
experimental harsh noise grindcore noisecore similar
10/2013 Victims Follow short ★★☆girls names
experimental idm grindcore thrash similar
01/2013 PASTEMAKER short ★★☆girls names
experimental grindcore thrash similar
05/2012 Woolgathering Urban Antipodeans ★★☆noisebazooka
experimental grindcore noisecore similar
06/2013 XXII Century Hits ★★☆ama
experimental noise avant-garde synthwave grindcore similar
05/2012 RxAx / JxDxEx Split ★★☆ritalin attack james doesn't exist
experimental punk grindcore noisecore similar
12/2011 In The Beginning short ★★☆in her rotten cheek
experimental punk grindcore similar
09/2012 Principalities short ★★☆girls names
experimental punk grindcore thrash similar
05/2011 Super Thrash Aquatica ★★☆a beautiful lotus
experimental noise grindcore remix mashup similar
03/2013 East End Noise / West End Burls ★★☆dsm kathogah
experimental grindcore sludge powerviolence post-industrial similar
04/2011 Alive! On A Sunday Morning ★★☆peacemaker
experimental noise grindcore similar
07/2012 Obnoxious Grindcore Cuisinart ★★☆pillow humpers
experimental grindcore similar
05/2013 Hypo Manic short ★★☆girls names
experimental punk grindcore thrash similar
03/2013 Stitch Ripper ★★☆girls names a beautiful lotus
experimental grindcore similar
02/2012 Grief short ★★☆sakura pups
experimental grindcore breakcore cybergrind similar
05/2013 I Was Dead Before The Plane Even Crashed link #2 link #3 short ★★☆angry norwegian
experimental metal instrumental hardcore grindcore metalcore NYP similar
02/2013 THE MUTWAWA MESS-UPS ★★☆facialmess mutwawa
experimental psychedelic harsh noise grindcore remix cut up similar
12/2012 Monuments Collapsing ★★☆winters in osaka
experimental ambient drone psychedelic grindcore post-music similar
12/2011 Indecipher ★★☆zenseiderz
experimental rap minimal grindcore similar
08/2012 Inferior Tools For These Infernal Times ★★☆video nasty
experimental harsh noise grindcore noisecore similar
08/2012 Si Mi Corazon Se Pudre short ★★☆sangre y tierra
experimental black metal grindcore similar
10/2019 Wet Nightmare link #2 short ★★☆wet nightmare
experimental rock grindcore comedy weird improvised NYP similar
06/2011 Patch Bay short ★★☆james doesn't exist
experimental hardcore grindcore similar
12/2012 Shark short ★★☆james doesn't exist
experimental grindcore post-hardcore similar
01/2012 Public Sick ★★☆cdr
experimental harsh noise grindcore breakcore similar
07/2012 Tripartite Pact of Noise Grind Misfits for Armageddon ★★☆kusari gama kill abisyeikah jesus of nazareth
experimental harsh noise grindcore noisecore similar
03/2012 "Tighter Than Nuns" Underfunded Forever Vol. 2 ★★☆p.wrecks xrin arms
experimental hip hop grindcore similar
12/2011 The Death of Utopia ★★☆spacebong
experimental grindcore doom sludge stoner punk similar