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11/2011 Build & Burn ★★☆sulaco
experimental grindcore progressive metal similar

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01/2013 Dazzling Damned ★★☆huh
experimental noise grindcore free improvisation avant-jazz similar
12/2011 Whorehouse of Representatives ★★☆machine grind erection
experimental grindcore noisecore similar
11/2012 The Communion / Winters in Osaka Split ★★☆winters in osaka with chris dodge the communion
experimental drone harsh noise grindcore power electronics similar
03/2013 Stitch Ripper ★★☆girls names a beautiful lotus
experimental grindcore similar
03/2013 TROGOTRONIC COMPILATION II ★★☆trogotronic audio instruments
electronic experimental harsh noise grindcore post-music similar
12/2011 Siamese Royalty link #2 ★★☆siamese royalty
electronic experimental metal industrial grindcore doom NYP similar
12/2012 Cinderhell short ★★☆girls names
experimental punk grindcore thrash similar
12/2011 Killer Contro Killers short ★★☆bologna violenta gunzard
experimental noise soundtrack grindcore similar
02/2013 The Corpse of Peel Sessions link #2 short ★★☆ultimate bastard
electronic experimental rock alternative noise grindcore [CC BY-NC] similar
04/2011 Choice Cuts short ★★☆inerds
experimental grindcore powerviolence similar
05/2011 Super Thrash Aquatica ★★☆a beautiful lotus
experimental noise grindcore remix mashup similar
06/2011 Dirt ★★☆infected womb
experimental grindcore similar
06/2013 V.O.C. Demo ★★☆victim of circumstance
experimental punk hardcore grindcore powerviolence similar
02/2012 Noise Propaganda Live EP ★★☆the leviathans mandible
experimental grindcore similar
05/2013 I Was Dead Before The Plane Even Crashed link #2 link #3 short ★★☆angry norwegian
experimental metal instrumental hardcore grindcore metalcore NYP similar
12/2012 Golden Bats II ★★☆golden bats
experimental grindcore doom sludge stoner metal similar
05/2013 DEMO 1 short ★★☆sorexcuse
experimental punk hardcore grindcore similar
09/2012 Intergalactic Grind Violence short ★★☆battle beast
experimental grindcore noisecore powerviolence similar
12/2012 Shark short ★★☆james doesn't exist
experimental grindcore post-hardcore similar
12/2012 Unparallel Frequencies ★★☆distant relative glitchy rotten
experimental harsh noise grindcore glitch power electronics similar
12/2011 Mechonat Hereg ★★☆מכונת הרג | mechonat hereg
experimental grindcore digital hardcore similar
04/2011 Alive! On A Sunday Morning ★★☆peacemaker
experimental noise grindcore similar
11/2012 The Tryals short ★★☆girls names
experimental punk grindcore similar
03/2012 "Tighter Than Nuns" Underfunded Forever Vol. 2 ★★☆p.wrecks xrin arms
experimental hip hop grindcore similar
03/2013 Methlab Promo Mix 2 - Biological Tour-Fare 2013 ★★☆dj skull vomit gore tech
experimental hardcore grindcore breakcore speedcore raggacore similar
02/2012 Grief short ★★☆sakura pups
experimental grindcore breakcore cybergrind similar
04/2013 Hunt the Ghost EP ★★☆sepik
experimental punk hardcore grindcore similar
11/2011 Summer Darkyard link #2 ★★☆the sun through a telescope
experimental ambient metal acoustic drone psychedelic NYP similar
06/2012 Unreleased Studio Sessions - 2003 short ★★☆wound
experimental grindcore noisecore similar
05/2013 Hypo Manic short ★★☆girls names
experimental punk grindcore thrash similar