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04/2018 Townies link #2 ★★★★☆earth dad
alternative pop indie indie rock electronica alternative rock similar

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02/2015 Valentine's Day Compilation link #2 ★★★★★start-track half-gifts
alternative pop punk folk noise lo-fi NYP similar
10/2016 Halloween 2016 ★★★★★z tapes
indie compilation halloween garage pop spooky surf pop NYP similar
12/2016 Winter 2016 (Z Tapes Sampler) ★★★★★z tapes
diy mixtape compilation sampler NYP similar
09/2016 Summer of Sad ★★★★★swell tone z tapes
folk sad compilation summer female benefit NYP similar
02/2013 Athens, Ohio ★★★★★z tapes
punk folk noise lo-fi emo diy [CC BY] NYP similar
03/2016 Predator ★★★★★govier
pop indie lo-fi indie pop diy cassette similar
04/2016 FRY YR BRN (Theme Song Benefit Compilation) ★★★★★z tapes cereal sounds
indie cassette compilation charity [CC BY] NYP similar
02/2018 Bend ★★★★★knapsack
electronic indie electronica chillout electropop chillwave similar
06/2017 Summer 2017 ★★★★★z tapes
compilation summer benefit NYP similar
04/2018 tenderness link #2 ★★★★☆awenda provincial park
electronic experimental ambient lo-fi drone bedroom pop similar
03/2018 Earthboy - EP link #2 ★★★★☆earthboy
rock pop indie lo-fi indie rock indie pop NYP similar
12/2013 Christmas Collection ★★★★★z tapes
indie diy christmas compilation [CC BY] NYP similar
06/2018 Drift ★★★★bellchainedbodies
experimental rock ambient lo-fi indie rock slowcore similar
12/2017 Winter Rituals ★★★★★bellchainedbodies
experimental rock ambient lo-fi indie rock slowcore similar
01/2013 Philly ★★★★★start-track
rock punk folk noise lo-fi acoustic [CC BY] NYP similar
08/2018 Sleep (Z Tapes) ★★★☆baseball gregg
electronic pop indie indie rock indie pop exotica similar
11/2017 Bedroom Songs link #2 ★★★★★nolika
pop indie lo-fi electronica indie pop minimal similar
11/2015 American Colloquialisms / Two Hexes ★★★★★isabel rex
rock indie noise lo-fi noise pop cassette similar
03/2016 Greetings From link #2 ★★★★★holiday home
alternative indie rock indie pop low-fi holiday music slacker NYP similar
06/2016 Summer 2016 (Z Tapes Sampler) ★★★★★z tapes
indie pop dream pop compilation jangle pop summer lo-fi pop NYP similar
11/2015 Ashland ★★★★★ep
rock alternative indie rock indie pop diy similar
10/2015 Desert Dreams link #2 ★★★★★dead katz
alternative pop indie lo-fi indie rock shoegaze NYP similar
09/2016 sunburn link #2 ★★★★★moving in
experimental ambient indie lo-fi acoustic bedroom pop NYP similar
02/2018 Pearl ★★★★★starman jr.
alternative indie rock reverb similar
12/2017 Cop A Feeling link #2 ★★★★★power snuggle
alternative indie lo-fi indie rock dream pop diy similar
03/2016 From James' Garden / Ashame ★★★★★the wandering lake
folk acoustic psychedelic singer-songwriter experimental folk psych folk similar
10/2017 wolf under the moon's sky link #2 ★★★★★rural lamplight
experimental ambient punk folk noise lo-fi similar
10/2017 Truths: Z Tapes (Special Edition) ★★★★★❀ foliage ❀
pop indie indie rock shoegaze dream pop jangle pop similar
05/2016 quick, before we're all dead! link #2 ★★★★★looks like mountains
experimental pop psychedelic indie pop cassette home recording similar
02/2016 Dear you, It can't wait. ★★★★★dying adolescence
alternative lo-fi indie pop dream pop bedroom pop surf pop similar