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03/2020 Nights Illusion short ★☆ — desolation years
electronic post-punk synthwave darkwave industrial pop similar

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12/2019 (the last) time of your life short ★☆ — graysons
alternative post-punk darkwave NYP similar
02/2021 All I Had track ☆ — the secret shelson's band
alternative post-punk synthpop shoegaze darkwave new wave NYP similar
05/2020 Hate (The Pain) track ☆ — claustraphobia
alternative post-punk darkwave goth coldwave electropunk similar
12/2023 The Procession short ☆ — mourning laughter
electronic post-punk synth darkwave goth goth rock similar
04/2022 looking up from a hole...single short ☆ — the dirty sun
alternative punk industrial post-punk darkwave goth NYP similar
04/2021 Dead Violets Night (Single) short ☆ — rain to rust
rock industrial post-punk synthpop synthwave darkwave NYP similar
02/2021 Airport Oxygen Bar ★☆ — reconverb
alternative instrumental dark ambient coldwave similar
04/2019 Circle of Knives (Single) track ★☆ — kiss of the whip
electronic alternative synthwave darkwave goth similar
12/2022 The Walking Dead (EP) ★ — bodanegra
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave dark pop similar
12/2019 Illusioni Distorte ★ — elicriso
electronic darkwave goth coldwave minimal wave NYP similar
06/2023 No Fear [Single] short ☆ — urbandoned.
alternative punk post-punk darkwave gothic coldwave NYP similar
04/2023 Crucifixio track ☆ — antiflvx
alternative electronica synthpop darkwave goth coldwave [CC BY-NC] NYP similar
11/2020 Poisoning Of Every Seed (single) short ☆ — the ghost of bela lugosi
alternative post-punk synthpop edm darkwave new wave similar
04/2018 A Mental Low track ★ — joy must remain
alternative indie rock cinematic mood music music for film similar
04/2019 Liquid Lover track ☆ — i.r.l (in rotten land)
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave gothic rock deathrock similar
11/2022 EP • So Alive //// This Way short ★☆ — closed mouth
alternative post-punk new wave coldwave gothic rock similar
03/2020 Always (Single) track ★★☆ — iamtheshadow
alternative indie rock alternative rock post-punk darkwave goth similar
08/2018 Unreversed ★☆ — reconverb
alternative instrumental dark ambient post-punk coldwave similar
11/2020 HIDDEN WORLD ☆ — beneath us
alternative dark ambient post-punk darkwave goth coldwave similar
07/2021 Mayday, Monday! short ☆ — the secret shelson's band
rock alternative indie post-punk psychedelic rock no wave similar
10/2019 echos track ★★☆ — dark gray houses
punk post-punk darkwave retro similar
03/2022 Cold Hearts ★★ — grey gallows
alternative darkwave coldwave similar
12/2021 Heaven short ★☆ — zviet
rock alternative indie post-punk psychedelic rock no wave similar
02/2024 Desperacja (single) track ☆ — stygmatia
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave goth rock similar
02/2021 on display / pleasure to serve short ★★★ — shadow figure
punk post-punk synthpop darkwave goth coldwave similar
01/2020 Ultimo destino - "Danza" (single) for fothcoming EP debut short — inclub records
electronic post-punk shoegaze darkwave goth gothic similar
07/2021 Revelation - single track ☆ — shelley's lullaby
alternative post-punk rock & roll darkwave gothic deathrock similar
06/2023 Seance track ★ — night hexe
electronic rock alternative post-punk synthpop darkwave NYP similar
09/2022 Turnover track ☆ — twin tears
electronic alternative post-punk synth goth similar
10/2022 Crow Black Dream - Én leszek a mély track — crow black dream
alternative post-punk darkwave similar