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11/2018 She Lives At Night (single) short scene noir
electronic alternative indie shoegaze dream pop darkwave similar

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08/2021 Иногда short zviet
rock alternative indie post-punk psychedelic rock no wave similar
08/2019 Gelifracción Personal cencellada
experimental synthwave synth darkwave coldwave minimal wave NYP similar
12/2016 Eu sou um sem nome track — the dreams never end
alternative post-punk synthwave minimal darkwave musica similar
10/2022 Crow Black Dream - Én leszek a mély track — crow black dream
alternative post-punk darkwave similar
02/2021 All I Had track the secret shelson's band
alternative post-punk synthpop shoegaze darkwave new wave NYP similar
01/2019 Jesus Lives in Vegas - Single ★★☆jesus lives in vegas
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic coldwave similar
05/2022 skull information short the dirty sun
alternative punk industrial post-punk darkwave new wave NYP similar
04/2019 Liquid Lover track i.r.l (in rotten land)
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave gothic rock deathrock similar
11/2020 ICR054-EP1 - THE BLACK VEILS "Hyenas" short icy cold records
alternative indie rock post-punk darkwave coldwave goth rock NYP similar
07/2020 Redemption Day short doppelgänger
rock post-punk goth gothic gothic rock goth rock similar
05/2021 so tired track les fantomes du soir
electronic post-punk darkwave new wave goth gothic similar
05/2020 change your life today track ★☆closed mouth
alternative new wave similar
05/2022 La Gran Virtud Del Peligro EP cariño muerto
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave similar
10/2022 Joao - Joaoinclub records
electronic post-punk shoegaze darkwave goth coldwave similar
01/2022 Fall short ★★no
electronic electro post-punk darkwave coldwave minimal synth similar
06/2019 In My Mind (instrumental) track paradise cove
rock indie rock post-punk darkwave NYP similar
04/2021 Semi Monde ★★★denner
alternative post-punk new wave coldwave similar
03/2020 Burning Flowers track gentle ropes
pop post-punk darkwave goth deathrock similar
05/2021 Quiet Shelter link #2 ★☆bedroom talks
electronic alternative post-punk synthpop synthwave darkwave similar
03/2024 Last Days neue strassen
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave coldwave minimal synth similar
05/2020 Out of there track ★☆closed mouth
alternative coldwave similar
12/2020 The Burden of Dreams - Live on All Hallows Eve 2020 ★☆l'avenir
electronic post-punk darkwave goth coldwave minimal wave similar
02/2020 NOWHERE ★☆des Âmes libres
electronic post-punk electronic music darkwave new wave similar
12/2019 Trauma dramatic
electronic electronica industrial dark ambient post-punk darkwave similar
09/2018 Afterlife Lust track cave echoes
alternative alternative rock post-punk deathrock similar
01/2024 TOTAL RESISTANCE - NO BRAKES (Ltd tapes) total resistance
alternative post-punk darkwave new wave gothic coldwave similar
05/2019 Pętla uncle's confession
alternative post-punk shoegaze coldwave NYP similar
03/2018 Make Me Blind track pełnia
alternative synth darkwave new wave coldwave similar
09/2019 Live In Pieces love of consolation
experimental alternative punk electro post-punk minimal NYP similar
06/2021 Sleepless (Single) short em_len
electronic synthwave darkwave new wave goth dark synthwave similar