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05/2015 Cheating Sons ★★cheating sons
rock rock & roll similar

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03/2018 Tuhan Metropolis tentang langit
folk indie folk NYP similar
01/2011 Masters, Wives, Daughter cheating sons
rock rock & roll similar
06/2016 Prana - Live in Japanandy chia
experimental vocal ethnic flute experimental ambient similar
12/2013 The Anchor EP ★★giants must fall
experimental rock ambient indie rock post-rock similar
09/2017 What You're Feeling Is Not Enough typewriter
pop indie indie rock power pop similar
02/2014 #alpacablues kevin mathews
rock synthpop pop rock country folk similar
07/2015 Lost Weekend ★☆lost weekend
pop indie indie rock indie pop similar
03/2014 The Violet Hour ★☆monster cat
alternative indie folk indie rock alternative rock folk rock similar
01/2015 People Eating People [Album] the psalms
experimental alternative indie indie rock electronica alternative rock similar
12/2015 Totems stopgap
alternative indie post-punk revival similar
11/2012 The Leprosy EP ★★giants must fall
experimental rock ambient indie rock post-rock similar
08/2013 Bumfuzzle ★★inch
rock alternative indie acoustic indie rock singer-songwriter similar
02/2012 Porcelain Lenses EP ★★★pleasantry
rock pop indie similar
10/2015 Away short midst
electronic experimental alternative ambient soundtrack downtempo similar
06/2014 Take Control attention! the new portsdown
punk pop punk pop rock easycore pop punk rock similar
11/2017 Hindsight short sun eater
rock alternative metal alternative rock experimental rock similar
09/2018 In Memory Of bennett bay
instrumental acoustic singer-songwriter guitar similar
10/2013 True Nature Of The Vice link #2 ★★straight forward
punk metal hardcore hardcore punk NYP similar
03/2016 Memories of Melancholic Horses the e's
rock indie rock pop rock similar
05/2016 Existence short remnants
metal hardcore post-hardcore metalcore hardcore metal NYP similar
08/2011 Base (2011) the sets band
alternative folk funk blues shoegaze dream pop similar
11/2012 Tall Mountains EP tall mountains
indie folk singer-songwriter indie pop folk pop fuzz similar
10/2016 Facade ft KC Meals short exhibitors
experimental hardcore melodic melodic hardcore emotive hardcore similar
05/2015 Salvationradiant archery
metal instrumental similar
12/2017 Rough Tides emily in denial
metal post-hardcore metalcore NYP similar
05/2017 Too Hurt short hollow threat
metal hardcore NYP similar
12/2014 Welcome The Ironists ★★caracal
alternative indie rock hardcore alternative rock post-rock post-hardcore similar
09/2016 Five short spirits
punk hardcore NYP similar
05/2020 Pick of The Lot! ★★★☆tired records
hip hop indie rap hardcore shoegaze emo similar
06/2012 The Inner Galaxy kiat
electronic electronica beats bass similar