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11/2019 blue thirty-two ★★ — stuart chalmers taming power
experimental ambient lo-fi drone soundscape loops similar

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09/2021 Glasgow Decentral ★★★☆ — helena celle's correspondence table
electronic experimental improvisation jungle improv percussion similar
01/2017 Spool's Out Vol. 1: n o w > e v e r ★★★☆ — bezirk tapes
experimental similar
01/2018 Songs of the Supermoon ★ — sofia records 008
electronic experimental moon [CC BY-ND] similar
04/2021 the ends (also end) of (the) earth and variants ★★★ — amy cutler
experimental ambient noise punk rock field recordings tape music NYP similar
02/2021 Rites of Kindling ★★ — liquid library
experimental alternative noise lo-fi drone NYP similar
03/2020 The Pile ★★ — ian watson
experimental ambient noise drone electronica NYP similar
03/2023 Hard Techno For Prepared Turntables ★★★☆ — pure rave
experimental noise drone electronic music sound art hard techno similar
11/2021 Ceaseless Ruin link #2 ★☆ — carnivorous plants
experimental alternative noise lo-fi drone NYP similar
09/2020 God With Stripes ★★★ — food people
experimental NYP similar
11/2019 Floor Tom Fest ☆ — hypnagogic tapes
experimental minimal devotional percussion sound poetry NYP similar
04/2018 new designs on mordrake's anomalies short ☆ — e. mordrake traven.
electronic experimental psychedelic horror ritual NYP similar
09/2011 Suranne Suranne — posset
experimental improvised tapes NYP similar
12/2015 welcome the stranger mixtape ★ — hole house
electronic psychedelic horror NYP similar
02/2016 Blues for Sadneck ★★★ — neil campbell
experimental NYP similar
06/2020 Soft Subject ☆ — rob lye
electronic experimental ambient minimal similar
07/2022 DOWN ★★ — wellness regime
experimental noise sound art collage found sounds NYP similar
09/2020 Still Life With Apples ★ — staraya derevnya hans grusel's krankenkabinet
experimental noise drone psychedelic improvisation sound art similar
08/2019 Plutonic Shine ★★★☆ — the slowest lift
experimental psychedelic similar
12/2020 Mirrors & Vegetables ★★★ — food people
experimental NYP similar
08/2018 Kebab Shop Will Sell Ice Cream ★★★ — daniel j. gregory
experimental ambient noise acoustic industrial improvisation similar
11/2023 Luminous Immediate ★★★☆ — food people
experimental pop underground diy sound art kosmische similar
04/2021 Suikinkutsu 水琴窟 link #2 ★★★☆ — stuart chalmers
experimental drone trance electronic music sound art improv similar
07/2021 One Dazzling Moment ★★★☆ — perkins federwisch
experimental pop folk ballad adult contemporary schlager [CC BY-ND] similar
07/2018 The Harrowing of the North: New Music from Yorkshire ★★★☆ — various
experimental noise drone improvisation sound art similar
10/2023 dolphins in cornwall ★★☆ — ieogm
electronic experimental noise improvisation sound art analogue similar
07/2020 Peter C. Bruno - Be Linear ★★★☆ — strategic tape reserve staff
experimental synthpop minimal wave catalunya [CC BY-ND] similar
04/2021 Prismatic Ceremony ★★ — zebularin
electronic experimental noise drone electroacoustic sound art NYP similar
10/2018 Fantasy of Dying Lights short ★★★ — gårdbuk
experimental ambient noise industrial black metal shoegaze NYP similar
09/2018 Aylesbury Ultra Shit Tape short ★★☆ — various
experimental noise harsh noise loops tape loops noise wall similar
01/2015 Calendar of Moons ★★★☆ — sofia records 001
experimental improv cassette tape psych folk similar