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07/2022 Dance for the Dead a ghost in seoul
electronic synthwave 80s retrowave darksynth dark synthwave [CC BY-ND] NYP similar

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04/2022 How to Make A Monster a ghost in seoul
electronic darksynth dark synthwave horrorsynth NYP similar
07/2021 The Damned a ghost in seoul
electronic darkwave darksynth newretrowave dark synthwave retrosynth [CC BY-ND] NYP similar
10/2023 They That Wait a ghost in seoul
electronic industrial darkwave gothic retro darksynth NYP similar
09/2019 H O L Y W R A T H ★★★★★dav dralleon
electronic electro synthwave synth darksynth dark synthwave similar
03/2023 The Nocturnal a ghost in seoul
electronic 80s retrowave horror darksynth horrorcore NYP similar
11/2021 Cauchemar Noir track ★☆draven
electronic metal techno downtempo dubstep synthwave similar
08/2023 Vertigo phantomatic
electronic synthwave cyberpunk darksynth electronic metal NYP similar
02/2020 Everflame ★★★★★dav dralleon
electronic electro synthwave synth cyberpunk darksynth similar
07/2020 Vigilante track ★★draven
electronic techno dubstep darkwave cyberpunk dark electro similar
03/2018 Nightmares EP ★★★★☆king stephen
electronic synthwave darkwave orchestral 80s retrowave similar
10/2021 Rise Of The Dead : The Awakening(feat L.A.) track distant reality
metal synthwave 80s horror cyberpunk darksynth similar
08/2023 Hysteria sxxxter
electronic synthwave darksynth similar
10/2022 HERETECH ★★★★gregorio franco
electronic industrial synthwave 80s darksynth outrun NYP similar
04/2021 FALL OV MEN ★★★★★dav dralleon
electronic electro synthwave darksynth dark synthwave similar
05/2022 ALMOST DEAD (EP) distant reality
metal synthwave retrowave cyberpunk darksynth similar
10/2021 Silver Coffin track ★★draven
electronic metal techno soundtrack dubstep synthwave similar
04/2022 ONE LIFE LEFT (EP) ★☆distant reality
metal synthwave cyberpunk darksynth similar
07/2019 Legion Remixes ★★★microchip terror masked chris keya hubrid grimlin
electronic electro synthwave darkwave ebm darksynth NYP similar
11/2018 Trapped on Tape link #2 ★★★★★grimlin
electronic electro synthwave darkwave retrowave darksynth similar
02/2022 We Are Magonia - Synthwave Is Dead (Draven Remix) short ★☆draven
electronic techno industrial dubstep darkwave horror [CC BY-NC] NYP similar
11/2017 D E P T H S ★★★★★dav dralleon
electronic electro synthwave darkwave cyberpunk darksynth similar
05/2023 Cybermagic Tales ★★★★fixions
electronic metal industrial electro black metal synthwave similar
10/2019 Panic ★★★★★destryur
electronic metal dance synthwave darkwave 80s similar
01/2013 Radio Macabre ★★★★★gost
electronic 80s electro house dreamwave hell retro electro NYP similar
03/2021 The Empire track distant reality
metal synthwave heavy metal 80s retro cyberpunk similar
11/2022 KTHVLLV ★★★★☆dav dralleon
electronic metal electro synthwave darksynth lovecraft similar
12/2022 TARNISHED ECSTASY android fornication
electronic synthwave 80s darksynth melancholic NYP similar
03/2023 The Martyr track cobra wipeout
electronic synthwave synth retrowave darksynth similar
10/2020 Director Cuts dark helmet
electronic synthpop synthwave retrowave darksynth NYP similar
09/2017 CyberCrime ★★★★★roborg
electronic ambient synthwave darkwave 80s retrowave similar