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05/2015 † THE WAY OF THE EVIL †various artist
metal downtempo deathcore NYP
03/2015 Involuntary Cranial Excisionchainsaw castration visions of disfigurement
metal deathcore NYP
03/2015 Miscreated link #2 ★★★visions of disfigurement
metal death metal grindcore deathcore brutal death metal slam NYP similar
03/2015 Malevolent Beings track — purge
metal deathcore NYP
03/2015 Endless Hole link #2 track — asylum of eternity
metal new wave metalcore deathcore djent beatdown NYP
03/2015 Tribulations track — mask of morana
metal deathcore NYP
03/2015 In Expurgate link #2 purge
metal hardcore downtempo death metal deathcore beatdown NYP similar
03/2015 Black Tidedead holland
metal deathcore slamming deathcore NYP
02/2015 A Virulent World VOL.1virulent deathcore/no more shit promotions
metal downtempo deathcore beatdown NYP
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