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12/2023 nina harker link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5 link #6 link #7 link #8 link #9 link #10 link #11 link #12 ★★★★★nina harker
electronic experimental pop folk lo-fi post-punk NYP similar
12/2023 Metabol link #2 buck moon
experimental acoustic drone psychedelic synthesizer ethereal
12/2023 Tilburg Tapeseconore
experimental ambient noise synths moog
12/2023 2 kaset hitam
electronic experimental synths similar
08/2023 Nude, Unpleasant or Bothp wits l xerox
experimental noise
08/2023 Strains from a Roomvincent göttler
experimental noise drone bedroom recordings
05/2023 Der Einsiedlerkapsel
experimental spoken word modular synth science fiction
02/2023 Vocal Studies #24 link #2 killer
experimental punk noise underground voice strange music similar
02/2023 Würm O.S.T.econore
experimental ambient noise drone psychedelic soundtrack
02/2023 Philophonia ★☆andrea pensado
electronic experimental noise voice cut up similar
02/2023 Xaneconore
experimental noise harsh noise spoken word noise rock free jazz
02/2023 Vocal Studies #23michael barthel ulrike uhlig
experimental voice
02/2023 Vocal Studies #22 short the oval language
experimental noise vocal voice freeform similar
01/2023 self titled link #2 buck moon
experimental acoustic drone field recordings ethereal ritual similar
12/2022 Winding Staircasezoul
experimental lo-fi glitch electronics
12/2022 Trun’zoyl’zlrob michalchuk
experimental noise freeform sax
12/2022 Against Evil Company link #2 philomena lauprecht
experimental devotional dark folk electric guitar similar
12/2022 self titled saraswati
experimental ambient lo-fi devotional synths tape music similar
12/2022 Vocal Studies #21 homnimal
experimental avant-garde similar
12/2022 Vocal Studies #20 short méryl marchetti
experimental spoken word poetry similar
12/2022 Vocal Studies #19 ★☆junko
experimental noise voice japanoise similar
11/2022 LP IIvoyage data
experimental ambient synth field recordings space music
11/2022 splittbc jeans beast
experimental noise modular synth guitar drone
11/2022 Peace News short — ansgar wilken
experimental acoustic avant-garde minimal percussion
11/2022 Flag econore
experimental noise drone ambient noise similar
10/2022 Bloom the dragonauts
experimental noise drone improv similar
10/2022 Kosmische Noiseteubées ssm jeans beast
experimental noise improv tape music kosmische
10/2022 Und noch eine Kassette link #2 ★★nils quak
experimental ambient noise drone experimental electronic new age similar
10/2022 Impro Solo GlacemÉryl marchetti
experimental noise spoken word vocal improv improvised music
10/2022 Zitadelle hügelmann
experimental ambient drone avant-garde krautrock similar