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the naut — similar artists: lunar gate, revile, primal dawn, the naut, tricifix, sherman m4, my remorse, judgment, petrochemical accelerator, christorgy, dyslucsic, bereaved, sinister demise, mabus 666, fifth dominion, ground of ruin, victimised, diabolicus, the 8th day, driveshaft, chromatic death, desolate winter, era vulgaris, resonant, mushy peas, enemy logic, ten point rule, atrax mantis, arcane sun, the swarm, the skies collide, the pale fall, The Nexus, the water reference, vox nihili, stand-up guy, 2000 strong, the boy you hit is dead, the watch, t.i.t [testicles in torment], the state pathologist dr. john harbison, cursed sun, doomsgame, toilet problems, moral crusade, trojan, the mysterious deadbeats, sacrum of elegy, twilight of harmony, pre-fifth dominion, blackwych, a distant sun, decayor, acrid nebula, ghost of medina, dypherim, Nemisis,