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state of pain — similar artists: bracewar, seed of pain, state of pain, Straight Forward, vicious embrace, trail of lies, vow of hatred, revenge season, simulakra, hollow threat, solemn promise, no witnesses, witness chamber, losing end, seasight, torena, facewreck, 7nightsatsea, berthold city, guilty mind, ends of sanity, false plaintiff, laid 2 rest, Fader, anna judge april, typecaste, curbstomp scbd, a town in fear, day of suffering, long live the empire, law of power, zodd, plead your case records, never ending game, radigals, lowered a.d., embrace them ghosts, emily in denial, kelvin tan, bruised willies, enemy mind, elephant stampede, before i had wings, japalang, three knee deep, the caulfield cult, reserving dirtnaps, fymsummer, of thrones, two seas, buried dreams, pixel apartment, gridiron, tan boon gee, method of doubt, amateur takes control, division of mind,