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spacedays — similar artists: pleasantry, in each hand a cutlass, amateur takes control, spacedays, cheating sons, sub:shaman, leslie low, anechois, giants must fall, obedient wives club, b-quartet, pastelpower, sapporo safaris, wyd:syd, Lost Weekend., victor low, octover, kevin mathews, no pantz, nicholas chim, two seas, fymsummer, seyra, this is atlantis, vertical rush, sphaeras, pixel apartment, The Analog Girl, mediocre haircut crew, koji (sg), caracal, kelvin tan, elektone, vandetta, anna judge april, hanging up the moon, the pinholes, 7nightsatsea, charlie lim, cesspit, beelzebud, navire creux, mickeyleano, pitch feather, tan boon gee, japalang, gema, plainsunset, whilethekidsaresurreal, Riot !n Magenta, Knightingale, handsome girl, piblokto, omarkenobi, canvas conversations, embrace them ghosts, thambi k seaow,