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parasite baby — similar artists: dark gray houses, heimberg, drklv, dilk, jesus lives in vegas, new today, age o.p.f, attic frost, glasszone, vanseveren, letten 94, sequential zero, urbandoned., flor concreta, data fragments, vierance, farewell forever, lovelyeddie, das noir, huir, twin ion engine, blind dreams, a dull set, menthüll, skltn chr, laz flores, propter hoc, night thoughts, i woke up chinese, zviet, non-lieu, desolation years, alone after midnight, premier mouvement, the cold field, neila invo, bean sí, dead cool, hangwire, soft vein, Plague Pits, angst4, digital drvgs, sara stuttgart, iamnoone, noromakina, peppy pep pepper, floating ashes, Give My Remains to Broadway, the condos, markus midnight, damien hearse, polyverso, who saw her die?, deaf dance, mantarochen, livinroom,