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maxi bacon — similar artists: SEAL TEAM 666, in her rotten cheek, james doesn't exist, oscillation overthruster, ultimate bastard, ultracide, yokozuna-bot, japanese torture comedy hour, dj nevermind, zenseiderz, no gang colors, marion barry, blotter acid eucharist, thirsting for men, orgone accumulators, s.t.d.f.n., siamese royalty, black leather cop, p.wrecks, talib aziiz, inerds, kuntpuncher, sufferinfuck, diseksa, bestower, gigantic brain, xrin arms, greedy mouth, noisebazooka, lauderdale, controlled by fear, dismembered cattle fireworks, i end me, spathic, human junk, trogotronic audio instruments, rank sinatra, 鞠螺千世, the bloody flux, self-corruption, land of grim, matt ants, shaken baby, auaua, unnatural selection, will spliff, 跡地, mechabongzilla, maxi bacon, frame 313, quiz 10, seeds of rape, h.f.a.t.t.m., horse's sinews, ablach, atochi, death-cult jock,