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legion of wolves — similar artists: legion of wolves, tàmailt, uamh, lágrimas, lev'myr, vitalith, greyfleshtethered, crangonyx, summer haze '99, sjöhäxan, naesea, earthen altar, electrick hobbit, gwenwyn, hircine, jocund forest, nighthorde, iarmhairt, sacred noose, heremita, feast of the witch, voar bòcan, magicide, namebearer, great dragon, wind cathedral, das kazchen, music to go extinct to, sodb, bergfried, bán sidhe dogs, botanic vendor, lunastus, fiadh productions, android's cottage, cruxis, dragnipur, jim noone, an crom cruach, deep fade, abyssal slumber, martikor, witches forest, murk rider, mnajdra, the divine accolade, wolf lichen, empyrean vessel, rutile, cora's heart, feminizer, wanderin' whiskers, captain jazz, mountain shadow, floodhag, agariik, stygian love,