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konvoi — similar artists: speed stick, object hours, cold cream, jimmyjack toth, rider/horse, rose cross nc, spiritual mafia, verity den, last year's men, d-town brass, fitness womxn, pie face girls, prettiest eyes, c. albert blomquist, the exorzist iii, skemäta, essex muro, savage knights, moroderik musik, erie choir, warm red, reckoning force, alpha cop, drag sounds, reese mchenry w/ spider bags, black surfer, b c n c, chris stamey & kirk ross, nora rogers, crowmeat bob, dark gray houses, acid etch recordings, the beta blockers, regraped, jenks miller, long hots, writhing squares, das drip, mary lattimore & mac mccaughan, drug yacht, lauren francis, sorry state records, cochonne, david rees, mind dweller, entrez vous, lacy jags, dunza, setting, james toth, true sons of thunder, heads on sticks, blackball, horizontal hold, wooden wand trio, patois counselors, solar halos,