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hillsfar — similar artists: dragon king, ~*faerie cross grotto*~, draconic regicide, fableglade records, ethereal kingdom, spellbound mire, abysa, runesong, witchsteel, voormithadreth, realms in exile, eldritch wizardry, basement key, dungeon tower, geldurum, landstrykar, gondar, ilúvatia, umbral regency, mari lwyd, enchanted dagger, lugubrious chant, ulaidh, sequestered keep, vanishing amulet, ylfig, dusklight, hillsfar, voloth, sceptre of the fading dawn, cloudling, satchel bearer, wyndcrawler, lord lovidicus, sombre arcane, ancient meadow records, phosphorus moat, barak tor, frostlit lantern, isegrimm, warped skull, inside the fall, fovvl mage, stronghold guardian, and the oceans dream eternal, the shakespearean frog, magic mishap, frost-rimed iron, mausoleum wanderer, woodland crypt, tar'goraan, athshean, dwalin, losgann, quin of the north, conqueror's mourn, warduke,