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devoted sinners — similar artists: devoted sinners, the waning moon, ashes fallen, a cloud of ravens, scary black, dead cool, who saw her die?, mark e moon, malefixio, sequential zero, attic frost, broken nails, the ending nights, neila invo, raven said, the bellwether syndicate, shadow assembly, obscura undead, iamtheshadow, ohne nomen, in a darkened room, stiiill, heimberg, smoke and spotlight compilations, they die, the amaranth, the moons of jupiter, nfd, gallows' eve, motuvius rex, orcus nullify, plague garden, my own burial, iamnoone, the darkstar calling, velvet mist, ground nero, tomb of love, noktva, los vampiros del mar, hallowed hearts, soft scent, The Secret French Postcards, dystopiarch, black rose burning, pitch after dark, ariel maniki and the black halos, huir, letten 94, dilk, rina pavar, noromakina, skltn chr, opaque shades, assassun, pilgrims of yearning, dead born babies,