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boiled tongue — similar artists: aclds, dalglish, amhain, rook vallade, seaes, scld, scald rougish, interminable corruptions, ocrilim, pathologically explicit, diphenylchloroarsine, octis, blattaria, hexeth, rites of thy degringolade, flittering, ormb, disgruntled anthropophagi, encenathrakh, yzordderrex, vomitwolves, piss vortex, zvylpwkua, coprobaptized cunthunter, dripping ancience, guttural secrete, corpse arise, pestilectomy, impulsive gluttony, the subtraction, carnal abhorrence, m.n.d.l.s.b.l.s.t.n.g., cranial bifurcation, oldest, or:12r3, drain of impurity, injurious, iconic vivisect, glyptoglossio, subterranean birthright, voracity, SDEM, msrblflr, embodiment of suffering, begging for incest, roland kayn, vertebrae fetish totem, mother morgue, crom-tech, decimated humans, william fields, tzun tzu, internal organs external, filtheater, von hayes, mereflesh, ineffable demise,