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CAFFA — similar artists: transylvanian recordings, caffa, occlith, mordom, mortuary punishment, oozepus, naughtskeid, funerealm, neyquam, owl coven, rotten funeral, crushing the scepter, low flesh, agonanist, dwel, chronaexus, letharia, anharat, modraniht, gravkvade, funerelic, rapid decline, tentacult, cessation, puke mutant, sleipnir, ancient tome, swamp witch, class traitor, battle hag, evulse, iron front, telluric effluvium, dismembered carnage, stygian crown, veruta, fellbeast, miserable creature, shitbag, intrinsic maleficence, shroud of vulture, hollow mirrors, peace killers, sky pig, hands of thieves, denunciation, burning palace, cyanic, torture tomb, an evening redness, cease, gravkvÄde, ceremonial decay, aequorea, carrion bloom, tzompantli, cult graves, 3.34 ms