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Bodyfather — similar artists: lardo, new brutalism, the powder room, haan, connie voltaire, plaque marks, neo neos, manhandle, hoaries, the gobs, ismatic guru, bodyfather, vedicardi, war brides, super thief, lost balloons, bruges, buzz rodeo, poino, cutie, multicult, high priests, the sweatys, neotypes, love exposure, tile, the ultracore, fucking, ribbonhead, citric dummies, cells, blacklevel embassy, garbage disposal union, qqql, emission control, leisure world, cold circuits, exxxon, rolex, meat wheat, road of girl, reset generation, blacklisters, tv torso, born innocent, warm red, liquid lunch, happy hookers for jesus, punter, bbigpigg, beebb, belly jelly, buildings, puritans, the goodnight loving, broken vessels, tongue party/usa nails, 1.18 ms